Drowning in Paper?

I keep every scrap of paper I have generated over the past 2.5 years of rezooming my solo practice. Literally! If you are one of those uber-efficient people who read and toss, stop reading this post now.  What I have to say does not apply to you. You’re already liberated. However, I have every article […]

Are Lawyers’ Blogs for Lawyers or Clients?

“That was great.  I didn’t know all that was happening.” Said the coordinator of a recent panel discussion I participated in. “Really?”  I thought to myself.  “How could you not have known US patent law is changing?” So I asked, “Isn’t that why you wanted me to speak to your organization today?” Well, it turns […]

How to Hire and Work with Document Translation Services

Any attorney considering focusing his or her practice on providing bilingual legal services will need to solve the problem of document translation. Choosing the right translation service can be crucial to success of a bilingual practice. Just as your clients will speak languages other than English, they may have many non-English documents with important bearing […]

Faculty Announcement – Vonda Vandaveer – How To Build An International Law Practice

Vonda K. Vandaveer is an immigration lawyer with a practice based in the Washington, DC area. She will teach a mini-course called “How To Build An International Law Practice” at Solo Practice University®. Vonda K. Vandaveer is admitted to practice law in California and Washington, DC. Her practice is based in the Washington, DC area, where […]

One. Solo.

My assistant, Wendy, and I had a heated discussion recently regarding my calendar. “It would help if, instead of just putting stuff for me to do on my calendar at random times, you’d make appointments with the client for me to call them. That way it’s an actual appointment, not just a suggestion,” I said. […]