Everything I Need to Know About Solo Practice I Learned From “The Walking Dead”

See this woman to the right with the samurai sword over her shoulder?  That’s Michone, my favorite character from AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. The other night, while catching up on the Season Finale of “The Walking Dead,” I realized that Michone also embodies the kind of lawyer I want to be. No really! Everything you […]

Are We All Faking It ‘Til We Make It?

After my last post asking when exactly one stops feeling like a “new” lawyer, I was pleasantly surprised to be quoted by ABA Journal’s Question of the Week posing the same question to its readers. As usual, the dialogue in the comments started to devolve into a heated debate: “I was born into the world of law […]

Taming the Wild Email Beast

Every single day I get at least 100 email. One day, I counted 400 new messages. And I know I’m not alone. According to this study by The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm: In 2013, the majority of email traffic comes from business email, which accounts for over 100 billion emails sent and received […]

(e)SEO for Dummy Lawyers

Law firm marketing companies want you. Specifically, they want your money. With promises of making it easy for your clients to find you online, and a phone ringing off the hook, they lure you into five year contracts at ridiculous prices. They promise that by redesigning your web site or managing your social media or […]

It Only Gets Worse The Deeper You Go

In case you didn’t know, I am a scuba diver. In fact, just this summer I completed the coursework and dives for both my Nitrox and Advanced certifications. That’s scuba-speak for, “Now I can do deep dives, wreck dives and dive longer.” Fun stuff. I was at the bottom of the ocean, at 107 feet […]