A Bittersweet Father’s Day

My father was a huge supporter of my dream to build Solo Practice University. My biggest fan. A little over two months ago, my Dad died suddenly from a (undiagnosed) burst aortic aneurysm. He died just 13 days shy of his 83rd birthday. It doesn’t feel right not to share some words which will remain in the digital ether forever, especially on this first father’s day without his physical presence.

The Road To Independence

Last year when I received an invitation from the ABA’s Commission on Women in the Profession to contribute to their newest book The Road to Independence with words about my journey to starting my own law firm, I was excited and thought it was an interesting concept.  I especially appreciated it was focused on the […]

A Mother’s Day Tribute (I Love This!)

This was written by Attorney Frank Guertin, a North Branford, CT practitioner who has no website I can find.  He is not on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook :-)  He has been a columnist for the Tototoket times  writing ‘Let’s Be Frank’ for as along as I can remember – a maximum 10 page local paper, […]

SPU Is Providing Not Just Education But Confidence

Whenever I get an unexpected and unsolicited e-mail from a student at Solo Practice University providing feedback about their experience, it’s like the best sugar rush from the finest chocolate. I can’t help but smile. I share it with Dave Carson and we’re even more motivated to continue to work on improving SPU.

This e-mail came in last night and it is reprinted with permission. I think it speaks for itself:

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