How to Hire & Retain Talent in 2024 and Beyond – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

You are not having problems with getting the work. But you ARE having problems getting the talent to help you produce that work, service these clients. It’s not an uncommon dilemma. Post-pandemic it’s become an employee-centric market meaning those who are out looking for the jobs have all the power. How do you hire in this environment? How do you get the quality talent? What do you have to offer to get the good people to help your practice grow. Listen and learn.

Days of Future Passed – Law Practice in 2025 (Part 6) – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

We are concluding this incredible series of Days of Future Passed – Law Practice in 2025 discussing meeting clients’ new demands of you and your practice including implementing: Efficiences Data Security KPIs Analytics Collaboration Sharing Embedding Outside Counsel If you are looking to build your presence with a serious marketing effort that is progressive, you’ll […]

The Magic of Key Performance Indicators (Part 2) – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

In part 1 we discovered the magic of KPIs, basically analytics for Attorneys. Sounds dry (even I thought so when Jared presented the topic) but I soon learned it isn’t. It’s quite fascinating because at the end of the day it is measuring whether what you are doing is working and it’s not cookie cutter. You can create measurements for anything you are doing so it is also quite creative. So, let’s get to it and learn more!

The Magic of Key Performance Indicators (Part 1) – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

The acronym KPI (Key Performance Indicators) often strikes terror in the uninitiated lawyer. However, they are not only nothing to fear but a simple documentable measure you should embrace. KPIs are simply measurements of performance and they can measure anything you are doing; how many clients you close from leads, your collection rate, the number of cases you handle per month, etc. Once you understand you have all these measurable activities already available to you through the tools you use in your practice today (like your case management software) and actually start using them, your practice will only become more efficient and be more profitable. Put your fear aside, listen and learn.

How to Make Your Clients Love You

Are you doing what it takes to cultivate a loyal, happy customer base?

75% of businesses believe they go the extra mile for the people they serve—but only 30% of consumers agree. That divide can hurt your reputation, alienate your customers, and most importantly, have a very real impact on your bottom line.

Level up your service with these quick tips from Ruby!

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