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Gain full access to all practical courses in our library when you enroll. Most are pre-recorded and can be watched or listened to on your own schedule. New lessons are posted regularly.

Enjoy the online educational and professional benefits of participating in the community at Solo Practice University®.



Confidentially talking one-on-one to an expert in Law Practice Management may just be the difference between success and failure. Being able to discuss a challenge relating to your solo or small firm practice with an expert advisor can save you hours of frustration and costly mistakes.

When you enroll at the semi-annual level, we will give you a complimentary half-hour consultation from your choice of the profession’s leading law practice management advisors. If you’re committed to succeed, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Get Connected

Get Connected

Build your professional network and get connected with faculty members and like-minded solo lawyers and law students via groups, forum discussions, comments or private messages.

Once you enroll, you can create your profile, upload a picture and start exploring the community on your own schedule.

Get Connected

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Create public or private blogs and websites with just a few clicks using our built-in publishing software. Choose a theme, add your content and hook up a custom domain. Hosting and support from an experienced website developer included.

With the ability to add a custom domain, visitors to your blog or website won't know it's hosted on our servers. Our network of blogs and websites is powered by the latest version of WordPress.



The Solo Practice University® COOP is a showcase of products and services for solo lawyers. Enrolled students receive substantial discounts on insurance, books, services and other products.

In keeping with our mission, the Solo Practice University® COOP showcases only those products and services we believe are truly beneficial to solo practitioners.

Ready to join the only online educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students?

From the Founder

The common preconception among law students and new lawyers is that starting a solo practice is unwise, if not downright impossible. Conventional wisdom says you should work for someone else for a few years to learn the ropes. Conventional wisdom has not met today's economy.

For myself, Susan Cartier Liebel, and for thousands of law students and new lawyers who want to call their own shots practicing law right now – shuffling paper under someone else for the next few years wasn't an acceptable option. Now it's simply not an option for most new lawyers even if they want it.

And so formed the idea behind Solo Practice University®, while I was teaching a class at Quinnipiac University School of Law called How to Hang a Shingle Right Out of Law School.

Solo Practice University® was created to both replace the apprentice experience if you haven't had one and to complement the apprentice experience if you do – without sucking up years of your life. It's a single online destination where lawyers and law students learn the basics of running a solo practice, take classes and get expert feedback from lawyers and business professionals in specialized fields.

These Solo Practice University® students take charge of their professional futures. No waiting necessary.

Solo Practice University® combines all the benefits of an educational community, legal blog, a professional network, and a legal conference. You'll find teachers who are well-known and highly regarded in their fields teaching through video, podcast, live lectures, and other media to bring the experience of the classroom home to your computer.

We strive to make Solo Practice University® even better and more informative than your law school experience through a few important distinctions.

  • Availability – At law school, it's often hard to get your teachers (especially the most well-regarded) to take the time to discuss anything beyond the immediate coursework – and sometimes it's hard to even get that much.

At Solo Practice University®, our primary focus is on creating relationships between you, your mentors, and your fellow legal professionals. Every question is worth asking. Every individual here has the time.

  • Breadth of knowledge – Law school focuses, and rightly so, on learning the law. Unfortunately, a sound legal knowledge isn't everything you need to start your own solo practice.

Solo Practice University® takes over where law school leaves students. We offer courses in particulars of law on which you need clarification or expansion, and we also offer courses in marketing, technology, branding, copywriting, blogging, work/life balance issues and more.

At Solo Practice University®, you get all the expertise you need to get started.

  • Affordability – Big or small, law schools have one thing in common: a huge price tag. Not so at Solo Practice University®.

We believe you should get the knowledge you need to start your own solo practice without paying for law school twice over. That's why we offer all our classes, courses, study groups, faculty hours, communities, and blogs for monthly tuition – or an even lower quarterly or annual tuition.

  • Convenience – Remember clamoring to get that last spot with the only professor who taught a class on your special area of interest? That race never happens at Solo Practice University®.

Our live classes are recorded so you can view them at any time, and all of our previous video classes, podcasts and other media are available 24/7 whenever you're ready to learn, read, discuss, or ask questions. There's no such thing as a one-time class at Solo Practice University®.

At Solo Practice University®, we work hard to make sure you have only the best experts in the fields that interest you. We have classes on everything from entertainment law to marketing for lawyers to trial technology to operating your solo practice from home.

Even better, we'll keep adding the classes you want from the most well-respected professionals we can find.

Ultimately, Solo Practice University® has just one goal: to help you open your own solo practice. We'll keep making this community stronger, better, and easier to use until we get you there.

Ready to join the only online educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students?

Fear is a major concern for a new solo lawyer, and Solo Practice University® is a truly cathartic place to hash out those fears and get past them.

Heather Grace

For me, law school is where I learn how to THINK like a lawyer. Solo Practice University® is where I learn how to BE a lawyer.

Jeff Rutledge

If the internet is the vessel connecting legal entrepreneurs, Solo Practice University® is its heart. As a law student, I could not think of a wiser investement in my education.

Crystal Soria

The tools and resources that Solo Practice University® provide me are invaluable and can't be found all in one place anywhere else.

Paul Perez

Solo Practice University® is a central space for solo practitioners to learn from each other, support each other, mentor each other and build lasting and supportive relationships.

Lurie Daniel Favors

Solo Practice University® offers a wealth of course content that has guided me in developing the proper skills and tools necessary to effectively build a successful solo practice.

Judy Young

If there is anything on which lawyers agree, it is that law schools fall short in one critical regard. They teach the process of law, but not the practice of law. This is a particular handicap for the solo lawyer, who has to be not only lawyer, but also chief cook and bottle washer, all without a colleague or mentor to turn to for advice.

Enter Solo Practice University®. This website offers a collection of courses about practical topics related to substantive law, marketing, management, technology and work/life balance. It also helps fill the mentor gap by facilitating opportunities to network with other like-minded lawyers.

Robert J. Ambrogi,

Learn why your colleagues teach at Solo Practice University®

Your best immediate investment might be Solo Practice University®, an online legal learning and networking institution that fills in the many practical gaps in your law school education. At SPU, lawyer faculty teach real-world skills required in numerous areas of practice as well as marketing, management and technology know-how. I received a guided tour the other day and came away impressed. Even if you do not intend to go solo, you could learn a tremendous amount (inside and outside class) from some very knowledgeable people at your own pace for about 1/20th the cost of the average American law degree.

Jordan Furlong, Law21

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Ready to join the only online educational and professional networking community for lawyers and law students?