Solo Practice University® picks up where your legal education left off.

Solo Practice University® creates a subculture in the legal profession that encourages entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

Heather Sarver

Solo Practice University® helps fill the mentor gap by facilitating opportunities to network with other like-minded lawyers.

Robert Ambrogi

I just love it. This is an extraordinary service that you are providing, and that I am recommending membership to everyone I know!

Kathleen Dillon

Your best immediate investment might be Solo Practice University®, an online legal learning and networking institution that fills in the many practical gaps in your law school education.

Jordan Furlong

Since it's inception, Solo Practice University® has continued to move the bar higher and higher. I can't wait to see what you'll do to outdo yourself next!

Karen Holman

Solo Practice University®'s value is amazing! What you have done is of invaluable assistance to solos. I appreciate your vision.

Felicia Williams

We are now partnering with progressive law schools that realize a significant percentage of their students will practice as independent professionals and have made the commitment to help them achieve their goals. Learn more →