What Would You Do With $10,000?

Our sponsor Clio (who has been with us since we opened our doors five years ago) believes in going big or going home.  Last week they received  an $18 million series C round of funding to keep improving Clio and to fuel their overseas expansion.  And they are sharing the wealth with all of you […]

New Course – Advanced DUI Defense with Stacey Washington

Stacey M. Washington is a Michigan attorney focused on DUI and criminal defense. She will be teaching a course called Advanced DUI Defense at Solo Practice University®.View Syllabus Stacey previously completed teaching the course, “DUI Defense” and the new course will cover more advanced topics. Stacey has been practicing law in Michigan state and federal […]

Don’t Let Cultural Faux Pas Ruin Client Relationships

Technology has given rise to opportunities to expand legal services businesses globally – all without ever leaving the office. And, as solos know, it is no longer just for Big Law.  Solos and small firms are jumping in with both feet, as they should. Solos and small firms are now dealing with foreigners in nearly […]