Time to Ask Us ‘Your’ Questions About Creating and Building A Solo/Small Firm Practice!

The more things change the more they stay the same. So, in keeping with the philosophy of Solo Practice University, to help lawyers create and build their solo practices, I am going to ask you to help me create pointed and directed content for the pressing questions you have!

If you have questions about creating and building a solo practice, send me an email…..

“You Ask….I Answer”. Why Am I Getting Such a Hassle for Posting Testimonials on My Website?

Question: I recently finished a new website for my firm after working on it for months with my web developer.  After getting pre-approval for the format and then resubmitting the “final” live site, I was disheartened to hear back from my state bar ad committee indicating that portions of the site violated ethical rules and […]

You Ask…I Answer – How Do I Counsel New Graduates?

Do not go into solo practice if you see starting your own practice as biding time until ‘THE JOB’ comes along. This will actually harm you professionally as both potential clients and peers will be able to read your attitude immediately. You will be unattractive to clients and those who might have considered you for employment, partnership, referrals or other opportunities.

"You Ask…I Answer" – If I Know I'm Going Solo What Should I Be Doing During The Summer?

If you know you are going to become a solo practitioner upon passing the bar then everything you do, from your course selection to your extracurricular activities to your summer internships should be geared towards two things, networking/building professional relationships and gaining ‘practical’ experience that mirrors the life of a solo practitioner.

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