Per-diem Basics: Bad is Good

Bad is good. That’s the philosophy behind the “per diem” part of my law practice. One might call it a “niche” practice.  I don’t feel so lofty about it, so I call it what it is, “Queens Court Appearances.” It works because of a basic business truth:  Success can be as simple as finding and […]

As a Solo Practitioner, Are You Setting Boundaries?

Setting boundaries with confidence – rather than a cringe  One of the most common issues that comes up in coaching sessions with lawyers is the absence of work-life balance.  If there is too much work on their plate, or if the number of obligations is too great to fit in (family, health, or recharging), something’s […]

4 ‘Musts’ When Considering A Co-Counsel Relationship

Sometimes co-counsel relationships are formed “on the fly” meaning that there will be no thorough discussion as to who will be responsible for what. This can be disastrous if each attorney assumes the other will meet a critical deadline and as a result a deadline is actually missed. Unfortunately, this situation can get even messier […]