Solos. You’re Busy. Busy Doin’ What?

This post was written by Barbara Mencer and has been reprinted with permission. Barbara Mencer is the Founder of the Business Breakthrough Institute. Over the past 25 years, Barbara has served as a strategic director of business development and marketing in professional service companies. She has served as a consultant, coach, and trainer to non-profit […]

Sometimes Clients Get Confused

It’s summer. It’s hot. If you’re not soon leaving on vacation, then you deserve at least a little break from the daily grind. You might find a little diversion in reviewing some of the client misconceptions about their cases that other lawyers have reported. If you are a new lawyer, perhaps this information can help […]

It Only Gets Worse The Deeper You Go

In case you didn’t know, I am a scuba diver. In fact, just this summer I completed the coursework and dives for both my Nitrox and Advanced certifications. That’s scuba-speak for, “Now I can do deep dives, wreck dives and dive longer.” Fun stuff. I was at the bottom of the ocean, at 107 feet […]

Pearls (and perils) of Per-diem

It might be a stretch to call per-diem court appearances “zen-like” or “other-worldly.” That being said, I have some philosophical observations about making multiple court appearances on behalf of other attorneys: Treat your per-diem appearances as if you were appearing on your own case. If that means you care more about the case than the […]

Seminars and Content Marketing for Lawyers

Content Marketing is a generally unfamiliar term to law firms, but should be at the forefront of all marketing plans. Since most consumers spend much of their time finding lawyers by researching online, content marketing is a great way for lawyers to reach out and offer something consumers want – advice, tips, and basic information […]

Are You Having Fun?

This week Little Miss started summer camp. I have never seen her happier or dirtier.  Yesterday she looked like she was going out to play left tackle for the New England Patriots with mud covering each cheek.  (Honestly, I can’t imagine how dirty she would be if she didn’t swim twice a day.)  She jumps […]