How To Handle Pro-Se Adversaries

In the per-diem world I regularly encounter pro-se adversaries (people representing themselves). In New York City Civil Court (jurisdiction up to $25,000), people often appear pro-se. Many of these are debt collection cases, but I have been involved in all kinds of civil litigation where one side (the other side from my side) was pro-se. […]

(e)SEO for Dummy Lawyers

Law firm marketing companies want you. Specifically, they want your money. With promises of making it easy for your clients to find you online, and a phone ringing off the hook, they lure you into five year contracts at ridiculous prices. They promise that by redesigning your web site or managing your social media or […]

Why You Should Lean in…Later

(Let me preface this rezooming post as one which appears to be ‘female focused’. It does involve a discussion of women’s issues and how they may impact/assist rezooming our legal careers.  For my male readers, however, please read between the lines.  Anyone can rezoom their career by using these helpful tips.  Although the book discussed […]