SPU Is Providing Not Just Education But Confidence

Whenever I get an unexpected and unsolicited e-mail from a student at Solo Practice University providing feedback about their experience (and they are numerous),  it’s like the best sugar rush from the finest chocolate.  I can’t help but smile. I share it with Dave Carson and, while hard to believe it’s possible, we get even more motivated to continue  improving upon SPU.

I decided to share this e-mail and it is reprinted with permission.  I think it speaks for itself:

Ms. Liebel,

I just want to send you a quick thanks for all the hard work that yourself, and all of the other faculty and staff at SPU have put in to making this service a reality. In 2008, I was a summer associate  at a relatively prestigious law firm. After my summer, it was pretty much guaranteed that I would come back the following summer, which would have traditionally led to an official offer of employment.

In October, the market tanked. Since then, the firm cut a sizable number of mid-level associates, reduced the size of their summer classes, and has ceased all job offers. I was told neither I, nor anyone else, would be getting an offer due to ”market conditions.”

Having put all my eggs in one basket, I was completely lost as to what to do – SPU has changed everything. Since being fortunate to make the beta for SPU, I’ve been using it as a tool to reshape my views toward legal practice and have set my sights on other options. SPU’s ever-growing content has not only given me crash courses in substantive areas of law that I am unfamiliar with – it’s allowed me to ”step out of the box” in terms of thinking about my legal career. It has also given me the confidence I need to explore new opportunities I would have never considered had I stayed on the narrow path that most law schools tend to steer their students toward.

As a 3L approaching graduation, I’ve focused a lot of energy into networking among other things, and it’s looking like I’ll be moving to a new state to partner up with young associates who are working to establish a small IP firm in a pretty happening city. I’m terrified and excited at the same time. But, I’m confident I’ve got a leg up on my fellow students who may wish to go the small firm/solo route, and it’s due to what I’ve learned through SPU.

Thank you for building this wonderful service, selecting great faculty, and not being afraid to ”push the envelope” when it comes to the traditional ways of practicing law. You can rest assured I’ll be telling everyone I know about SPU, and I’ll be an active participant for a long time.

Francisco Morales
3L, Case Western Reserve University
Bound for Austin, TX

If you haven’t explored SPU yet but have been intrigued, come on in. With more than 250 classes already available to you 24/7 the minute you enroll, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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