Tales of a Tele-Summit

This month, my fellow rezoomers, I’ve decided to take you on my journey toward hosting my own tele-summit. Yes, you can too! You know you have the content one needs to host it, you are unafraid of the technology required for set up and you have the colleagues who will help you make it a […]

The Money Will Follow When Your Clients Come First

This post was written by Barbara Mencer and has been reprinted with permission. Barbara Mencer is the Founder of the Business Breakthrough Institute. Over the past 25 years, Barbara has served as a strategic director of business development and marketing in professional service companies. She has served as a consultant, coach, and trainer to non-profit […]

The Ethics of Using Social Media As A Client Communications Tool – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

Jared receives countless questions from new solo lawyers and solos who have been in practice for decades but need advice on law practice management. We like to ask Jared what’s on lawyers’ minds as we have several times before. In Jared’s newest guest lecture, we follow up on his previous guest lecture, You Know Everything […]

Evolutions of a Solo Practice – Part 4

(You can read Evolutions of a Solo Practice- Parts 1 -3 here). Taking on Negligence Cases I learned the basics of negligence cases when I worked part-time for Fred early in my practice.  I knew enough to handle basic cases if I got a call to do that.  In those days (early 80’s), you could […]