E-Discovery: Learning to Do It Right – Guest Lecture with E-Discovery expert, Steven Teppler

“Being a wizard on your computer or being able to put together amazing projects on Garage Band does not mean you can ethically or responsibly handle e-discovery.” Every lawyer needs to understand what e-discovery is and the process of e-discovery, or increasingly risk exposure to malpractice for failure to do due diligence for your client. This […]

ReZooming Solos Need to ‘Walk the Talk’

Please accept my apologies for writing a little late this month, a side effect of Sandy and Athena. Needless to say, I was first a wifi vagabond and then knee deep in snow. Those two women were very difficult to deal with here in Northern Westchester! Before the storms hit, I attended the ABA Law […]

Are You Struggling with Juggling?

I recently read an article on Above the Law about an associate at Clifford Chance, a big New York law firm, who just couldn’t take any more stressful juggling. In her departing memo, she recounted what her typical daily schedule was like as she attempted to balance motherhood and her legal career (excerpted from the […]

Marketing Tip Of The Week – Zazzle ‘Em

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending an entire afternoon with one of my faculty, Deborah Gonzalez. While we were at lunch she went to check her iPhone and I saw her law firm’s logo emblazoned on her iPhone hard plastic protector.  Naturally, I asked her where she got it and she told me Zazzle.com. […]

Digital Asset Management – Guest Lecture with Deborah Gonzalez

Everyone dies.  Often unexpectedly. But there is power in dead hands.  We are the country with the greatest control of our assets after death.  However, most never consider, let alone manage, their digital legacy.  How do we handle, bequeath (or destroy), our digital immortality from medical information to our life story on facebook?  This is […]

Here Are the Keys to Working with an Interpreter

Attorneys face many challenges when working with clients, communication being one. For someone in need of legal services and who is a limited English speaker, finding a qualified lawyer who speaks your native language can be extremely challenging. Although there has always been the need for bilingual attorneys, as the number of limited English speakers […]