The Power of Audacity

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” ― Oprah Winfrey I’ve written before about the Grown Ass Woman Brigade, a charity/women’s organization that my friend Heather Lam and I started a while back. You might have noticed that the name of the group is a little… well, audacious. We are […]

How To Get Remembered

Years ago at an early morning meeting Jimmy Brill, a veteran estate planning lawyer and the founder of Solos Supporting Solos, asked each of 30 lawyers to introduce themselves and their practices. I didn’t know any of them, and they all faded into a blur, except for one tall gentleman in a straw hat and […]

7 Ways To Handle ‘The Naysayer’

Last week, I was at a great networking event in the Boston area.  The people who attended were my ideal clients.  Everyone I met was engaging and genuinely interested to learn about the other people in the room.  The food was fantastic. I was really enjoying the event until ‘The Naysayer’ showed up.  Within 30 […]

On Meeting Your Heroes

Last week I was very blessed to see and meet and even hang out with some of my heroes at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women. Among them are Arianna Huffington, Victoria Pynchon, Barbara Bradley, Alison Monahan, Judy Young and of course SPU’s own Susan Cartier Liebel. These women are icons in the business and legal […]

Moving Fearlessly Forward

This month I’m talking about how to take your re-zooming journey to the next level! It begins with your mindset and the visualization of your ideal life. Taking the time to complete these two activities proved to be a game changer and an invaluable tool to my Rezooming journey last year. In our rush to […]