Evolutions of a Solo Practice – Part 4

(You can read Evolutions of a Solo Practice- Parts 1 -3 here). Taking on Negligence Cases I learned the basics of negligence cases when I worked part-time for Fred early in my practice.  I knew enough to handle basic cases if I got a call to do that.  In those days (early 80’s), you could […]

SPU in October, November, December…And Into 2013!.

We all have our traditions for bringing in the New Year. For me it is ongoing reflection and preparation for a year of what promises to be radical changes in the world(s) we know.  Everything I’ve read, everything I’ve experienced this last year foretells major changes and transitions globally. It’s simply unavoidable. But on many levels it […]

ReZooming in 2013? Remember 3 Words

Rezooming in the New Year? First, I wish my current Rezooming colleagues all the best in this New Year.  2013 holds good things for us, we just need to look for them and take action. To those of you considering Rezooming your legal career in response to the ”fiscal cliff” or a desire to get back into […]