Going Solo is About Empowerment


My mom tells a great story about when she first realized I needed to be in control. When I was 10 months old and in the high chair. she was trying to feed me.  I refused. Instead, I grabbed the spoon and said, ‘Me do!’.  Even then I wanted to be in control, to be empowered.  And it’s never changed to this day.

The reality is, every time you are attracted to a product or service, every time you plunk money down for this product or service it is because you believe it is making you a promise (even products and services we resent spending money on).   Oftentimes, that promise is one that helps you feel you have control over a situation or event in your life. It is usually to satisfy a deep desire to feel empowered even though we often don’t recognize it as such.

Empowerment makes you feel you have ultimate control over your destiny, freedom to make the choices for things and experiences you want to have versus feeling compelled to make choices based upon need alone. When you feel empowered you make choices that you believe will create a more fulfilling life for yourself.

That’s why we’re offering you empowerment.

For just a few more days, when you enroll as an ANNUAL student at Solo Practice University® you will receive 30% off your first year’s tuition…and every year thereafter when it automatically renews.

There is no coupon code needed. Just enroll by 9 pm PST – Monday, November 28, 2016 – and your tuition will be just $557! That’s empowerment!

This promotion has ended.

That’s 12 months of unparalleled professional education including all our new courses, professional networking, free unlimited online CLE for one year, and a complimentary one half hour law practice management consultation with one of our four world-class LPM Consultants…all for less than $47 per month! If your CLE is due by December 31, 2016, what are you waiting for? With our strategic CLE partner, the National Association of CLE, you’ll be able to get 2016 and 2017 CLEs done. That’s two years worth of online CLEs for free!

This offer is too good to miss if you are serious about being empowered to build your future on your terms.

This promotion has ended.

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