Build Trust and Get Referrals with Multiple Offices

Most solo lawyers are making a mistake that’s costing them clients and money.  It’s not their fault.  If you are making this mistake, don’t worry … it can be quickly fixed. The next step in building an awesome bilingual solo practice is to go to your clients.  For the non-English speaking community, a lawyer’s office […]

Creating a Soulful Solo Practice

I had lunch on the Embarcadero of San Francisco with an old friend and colleague, a successful New York solo whom I hadn’t seen in a while. He looked every bit the part, in an awesome way: Barney’s suit, Oliver Peoples, gold wedding band. In shape, with just enough cushion to know he’s doing well. […]

When Solo/Small Firms Hire, Always Look for a Good Fit

Legal professional liability insurance underwriters look at the rate of attorney turnover at firms (including solos who hire associates) they are considering underwriting. The reason is that a higher than normal rate of turnover can be a concern. It hints that something might be amiss within the firm. Management, or even the complete lack thereof, […]