Mama Solos and the Maternity Leave Mystery

As a solo, I am not beholden to a demanding partner and unyielding law firm policies. I have the luxury of setting the policies for my practice, and therefore, my life. By being honest with my clients and clearly managing their expectations, I can meet the needs of my family and my practice. Based on my survey of other lawyer mamas, the two key factors to a successful maternity leave seem to be preparation and flexibility.

Market More: The Case for the E-book

Based on the fact that solos need to market more and considering the way that potential clients look for service professionals nowadays, the e-book is a logical choice for solos. Writing an e-book provides a solo with an opportunity to display their expertise and build credibility (i.e., credential building) as well as an opportunity to share something of value with their clients and potential clients (i.e., staying top of mind).

Getting Social: My Social Media Journey

Social media has been very good to me! I have made friends, connected with colleagues and potential clients, been able to brand myself as the “Gen Y Lawyer,” been asked to do interviews and guest posts, landed a couple of writing gigs (for example, that’s how I got this job writing for Solo Practice University!), among other things. I highly recommend social media as an effective way to brand and market yourself as a young or new attorney.

Consultations: Free or Fee?

Obviously, attorneys have had some bad experiences with the free consultation. Yet, some of the most respected solo practice authorities, such as Jay Foonberg, highly recommend that solos offer free consultations. Others say solos should never offer free consultations. Still others say it depends. To further murk up the waters, I’ll share my experiences with (and without) the free consultation offer.

In Business, Everything Has a Cost

In business, everything has a cost. Using an old laptop that gives you trouble every now and then has a cost. Working from a space that is not conducive to maximizing your creativity and productivity has a cost. Not purchasing software that makes work flow and management efficient has a cost and not having staff that can handle certain time consuming tasks also has a cost.

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