How Lawyers Can Work with Virtual Assistants to Build a Bilingual Practice

Lawyers in solo practice often find themselves wearing too many hats, between answering phones, managing their staff, handling marketing, tackling IT issues…in short, solo lawyers are so busy trying to do EVERYTHING they don’t have enough time to be lawyers. There is a simple solution to this problem..getting help by hiring virtual assistants. The Virtual […]

Build Trust and Get Referrals with Multiple Offices

Most solo lawyers are making a mistake that’s costing them clients and money.  It’s not their fault.  If you are making this mistake, don’t worry … it can be quickly fixed. The next step in building an awesome bilingual solo practice is to go to your clients.  For the non-English speaking community, a lawyer’s office […]

Seminars and Content Marketing for Lawyers

Content Marketing is a generally unfamiliar term to law firms, but should be at the forefront of all marketing plans. Since most consumers spend much of their time finding lawyers by researching online, content marketing is a great way for lawyers to reach out and offer something consumers want – advice, tips, and basic information […]

Why & How to Hire Bilingual Employees

In an increasingly global marketplace, legal professionals possessing bilingual abilities are more and more in demand, as law firms are looking to meet the needs of their customers. As the population of non-English speakers in the United States continues to grow, hiring bilingual employees becomes important in meeting the unique language needs of clients seeking […]

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