Everything I Need to Know About Solo Practice I Learned From “The Walking Dead”

See this woman to the right with the samurai sword over her shoulder?  That’s Michone, my favorite character from AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. The other night, while catching up on the Season Finale of “The Walking Dead,” I realized that Michone also embodies the kind of lawyer I want to be. No really! Everything you […]

If You Had To Do It All Over Again, Would You Go To Law School?

Let me preface this post with the following:  we have an amazing group of students attending Solo Practice University ranging from 3Ls to twenty year veteran professionals. It is also not our practice to share conversations outside our walls.  However, within one of our favorite groups, The Student Lounge, I posed the following question: “If […]

Don’t Let Cultural Faux Pas Ruin Client Relationships

Technology has given rise to opportunities to expand legal services businesses globally – all without ever leaving the office. And, as solos know, it is no longer just for Big Law.  Solos and small firms are jumping in with both feet, as they should. Solos and small firms are now dealing with foreigners in nearly […]

How Do You Work With Reporters? With A Little Common Sense and Methodology.

We’ve all been told it is good practice to have a relationship with reporters (and they are increasingly being pushed to scour the universe for content). Therefore, it’s key to your marketing and credibility-building activities to develop these relationships but it’s not always easy.  As much as reporters may want what you have to offer […]

Isn’t It Time to Stop Thinking and Make Your Move?

It seems everyone is talking about transition. The NYSBA dedicated its entire January 2014 Journal to the topic. Jane Pauley, who hosts ‘Life Reimagined TODAY’, was interviewed on the ‘Sunday Morning’ show January 12th about her new book looking at baby boomers in transition. Even Queen Latifah had Kenneth Delmar (great video), an established painter, appear on her […]