Would You Be Missed?

This is a delicate question for legal rezoomers who are on a quest to begin or begin again in the legal field to ask themselves.  It is not Have We Been Missed but Would We Be Missed?  If you don’t rezoom, would those looking or waiting for your unique brand of help miss you?  Often […]

Why You Should Lean in…Later

(Let me preface this rezooming post as one which appears to be ‘female focused’. It does involve a discussion of women’s issues and how they may impact/assist rezooming our legal careers.  For my male readers, however, please read between the lines.  Anyone can rezoom their career by using these helpful tips.  Although the book discussed […]

Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours?

Everyone Has A Story As rezoomers we are often reticent to tell ‘our stories’. Why didn’t we practice law? Why did we practice and leave? Was it that we couldn’t find a job or we found a job in another sector?  Did we stay at home to raise a family?  Did the road we chose just take […]

Drowning in Paper?

I keep every scrap of paper I have generated over the past 2.5 years of rezooming my solo practice. Literally! If you are one of those uber-efficient people who read and toss, stop reading this post now.  What I have to say does not apply to you. You’re already liberated. However, I have every article […]

We the People

As rezoomers, putting yourself out there and announcing your re-entry into the legal profession is imperative. It amazes me where my rezooming journey takes me, who I meet along the way and what made me go there. Often I find my most lasting connections come from events with the least likely potential and are simply […]

Tales of a Tele-Summit

This month, my fellow rezoomers, I’ve decided to take you on my journey toward hosting my own tele-summit. Yes, you can too! You know you have the content one needs to host it, you are unafraid of the technology required for set up and you have the colleagues who will help you make it a […]

ReZooming in 2013? Remember 3 Words

Rezooming in the New Year? First, I wish my current Rezooming colleagues all the best in this New Year.  2013 holds good things for us, we just need to look for them and take action. To those of you considering Rezooming your legal career in response to the ”fiscal cliff” or a desire to get back into […]

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