ReZooming in 2013? Remember 3 Words

Rezooming in the New Year?

First, I wish my current Rezooming colleagues all the best in this New Year.  2013 holds good things for us, we just need to look for them and take action.

To those of you considering Rezooming your legal career in response to the ”fiscal cliff” or a desire to get back into the thick of all things legal, take your time, uncover your passion and take action toward making it a reality.

Walking back into the practice of law after a hiatus can be simple if you follow these words of advice-

Recognize your Power,  Confirm your Intent, Seek Support.


Come to Rezooming from a position of power. What unique things have you done during your hiatus?  How will they make you stand out upon your return to the legal world? Maybe you were the CEO of your home, ran the PTA or were involved in a charitable/fundraising organization. All these experiences, which you may be inclined to undervalue since they are not specifically related to the law, are skills sets which bring value throughout the Rezooming process.


Intent will focus your energies and create immense possibilities as you re-enter the law.  Having intentions will help you be clear about what you want each day, week, month and quarter.  Intent keeps the fear at bay.  If you struggle with creating long-term positive intentions, make daily intentions.  Then let yourself enjoy your daily successes and let go of the little things that may not have happen exactly how you planned.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Rezoom your career. It simply means you’ve taken a detour, often for the better, and leaves you open for any new opportunity which may come knocking.


What is that old adage?  ‘Man does not live by bread alone’? This is not an easy time for attorneys to get jobs. Firms are folding and associates are not making partner the way they used to. Rezoomers can’t easily navigate the waters of reentry without the help of legal and non-legal friends, associates, mentors and colleagues.  They can pave the wave into the new legal world.

Rezooming as a solo may be the best of all worlds. With the support provided by SPU and other associations you’ve uncovered, you will have readily accessible venues for meeting people who will give you guidance and help.  You need to enthusiastically seek their support and once you get it, respect their help and provide them or their contacts with value on your end. Who knows? As you seek support you may very well be able to help in kind from contacts you knew in your pre-rezooming days.

I firmly believe in allowing people to help me.  I no longer try and go it alone.  I have a new found comfort with asking for support as I rezoom my legal career.  As a new lawyer in 1983, I believed I didn’t know enough to go solo but I sure wouldn’t ask for help. I didn’t want anyone to think I was stupid.  Now as rezoomers we feel better about ourselves and feel more secure asking for help. Rezoomers ask questions and seek support while working on their re-entry into the law. Now, when I don’t know the answer to something, I just ask for the help I need. I no longer avoid things that are new or because I just don’t understand it  I’m ok now with riding the never ending learning curve we call the practice of law.

Maybe it is more acceptable now that I am older, maybe not.  For those of us in managing positions, remember new attorneys have a learning curve as well. If you supervise them, support them in a way you would like to be supported so they ask questions and avoid making mistakes.

So, as we embark on this wonderful year, 2013, choose to Rezoom your career by implementing these 3 words:

Power * Intent * Support

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