The Scourge of ‘Busy’-ness – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

We all think we are so busy all the time. We have no time for anything. We are exhausted.We abandon self-care, projects that need attending, And as busy as we are, we accomplish less and less. How does this impact your solo practice, your growth both personal and professional, your income? Is it classic avoidance? Lack of structure? Listen and learn how to avoid busy-ness and tackle the important tasks and feel accomplished in your solo practice..and your life.

Content Marketing & Social Media: 4 Easy Tips For Getting Started

You’ve likely been told time and again (and again) that effective content marketing is essential to building your online presence. That’s genuinely helpful advice—until you consider that many people don’t know what content marketing is exactly.

Or how you define “effective” content.

The good news is that if you’ve ever looked up a recipe, followed a social media account, or watched a how-to video on getting toothpaste out of your hair (don’t ask), then you’ve interacted with successful content. All you need now is the right know-how to start creating lead-winning content for your own business.

What makes content “king?” Read and learn….

4 Ways Your Website Should Drive Lead Generation

Just a snippet: If your website is the digital equivalent of a physical storefront, live chat is comparable to a friendly representative at the front desk.

Did you know?

Live chat is 4.6 times more likely than other channels to convert website visitors into customers.
Approximately 42% of all customers prefer chat over other communication channels.
Of customers who use chat, 82% report satisfaction with their experiences —the highest level of all customer service channels.

Get the links to the studies and download your free guide….

Our 13th Birthday Celebration Tuition Discount Is Here!

13 Years. We simply cannot believe that Solo Practice University® has been educating and teaching lawyers how to create and grow their solo/small firm practices for 13 years. On March 21, 2009, on the first day of spring, just two months after Bloody Thursday when New York City streets were littered with young associates laid off in the greatest legal industry shake out in recent memory, we opened our virtual doors and said to the world ‘it’s time to work for yourself’. Today, we’re now (hopefully) navigating our way through the tail end of a historic pandemic and most are coming out of it on the other end intact and even more committed to their solo/small firm practices. Read on….

Is Creating a Virtual Workforce the Future? – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

Is creating a virtual workforce the future of law practice? Why is creating a virtual workforce not getting the attention it deserves in the legal community? Is it the lawyer’s personality? The incessant need to micromanage employees? Is it not knowing how to manage a virtual workforce? But what do you do in a crisis, a hurricane, a wildfire, a pandemic? Does your practice just come to a halt? We discuss at length and in depth the pros and cons and then how to overcome the cons. Listen and learn.

‘Billed to Last’ – Pricing Models for Law Firms in 2022 and Beyond – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

If a global pandemic isn’t enough to get you to reimagine your law firm, including your billing model, what are you waiting for? An asteroid strike? Clearly, now is the time to rethink your billing model and start creating a sustainable client-friendly billing model which will give you both profitability and client satisfaction. The models are out there and being reimagined on the daily. The time to revisit and change your model is now. Listen and learn.

The Purpose of an Initial Consultation. It’s More Than You Think – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

Jared and I discuss one of our favorite topics – the Initial Consultation. While the goal is to get a new client, what you are trying to accomplish is multi-layered and it changes over the course of your legal career. This is a podcast to bookmark and keep referring to over and over, again. Listen and learn.

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