How to Ensure Virtual Business Continuity

None of us saw it coming. Yet today we see the impact of COVID-19 in everything we do. 75% of companies are reporting supply chain disruption. And for the more than 30 million small businesses that make up 99.9 percent of our nation’s commerce, the path ahead is unclear.

The good news? In creating a plan now (even if reactively) to keep your business functioning in times of crisis, you’re not only better able to handle what’s happening at present, you’re also more prepared for the future.

Enter the business continuity plan. Read on….

25% Off Semi-Annual Tuition – This Cyber Monday (And All Week Long) Sale is Epic!

If you were kicking yourself for missing any previous Cyber Monday event.…the wait is over. Cyber Monday 2020 was such an unparalleled success we decided to not just rinse and repeat but get even crazier because, after all, 2021 has been one tumultuous year no matter how you look at it and we could all use a break, right?

If you were kicking yourself for missing any previous Cyber Monday event.…the wait is over. Cyber Monday 2020 was such an unparalleled success we decided to not just rinse and repeat but get even crazier because, after all, 2021 has been one tumultuous year no matter how you look at it and we could all use a break, right?

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Tips For Strengthening Customer Communication (Checklist)

Gartner predicted that 89% of companies would compete mostly on customer experience this year. The customer journey starts with their first introduction to your brand, which will most likely be your website.

Even the most successful brands are in a process of figuring out how to improve customer communication. Bain & Company found that while 80% of companies believe that they deliver superior customer experiences, only 8% of customers agree.

Here are some ways that we’ve found effective.

Creating a Turn-Key Law Practice from Day 1 – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

How do you create a turn-key law practice from the day you start practicing law? In this day and age of disruptions to society, from pandemics to snow storms to wildfires, how do you create a seamless practice which can handle these disruptions, change of personnel and more, and then be saleable by just ‘handing over the key’ to the practice? This is the million dollar question and the future of law practice for solo/small firms. Listen and learn.

Self-care For the Work-From-Home Attorney is Not a Luxury

If the phrase “self-care” makes you roll your eyes, I get it.

Many small business owners feel like they don’t have the luxury of making time for themselves. Settling in with a book and a cup of tea? Not this afternoon. Soaking away in a bubble bath? Not any time this week. Taking a day trip with the spouse and kids? Maybe next month… Maybe.

The disconnect goes further than that. The very idea of work-life balance doesn’t match up with reality when you’re working in excess of 60, 80, 100 hours per week building your company, managing your team, and meeting customer demands—and there’s still more to do at the end of the day.

But here’s the thing:

You need to practice self-care.
You need to make time for that bubble bath, that cup of tea, that day with the family.

When you are your business, you don’t have a choice. Read on and learn why.

2021 Back to School Special – First Month’s Tuition – $88

2021 has been filled with the strangest news. We’ve read about the discovery of a fossil of a 4-legged Whale*, you can possibly get your hands on a piece of Princess Diana’s wedding cake**, a research vessel found SpongeBob look-alikes a mile under the ocean’s surface,*** and it’s getting harder to find Mac and Cheese Ice Cream!**** And this is just the tip of the oddest news iceberg. So, it’s now back to school time and school is shaping up to, once again, look very different for everyone.
Solo Practice University school has always been online and safe and secure from your home or office or home office! However, we also know that finances remain tighter than normal due to the events impacting us all. 2021 will end but at this stage, who knows what 2022 will even look like. But until then, get armed with the knowledge you need to creatively build an exciting and profitable practice because you are going to have to be even more entrepreneurial then ever before.

In keeping with our mission and of making life and practice more affordable, we’re making it easier than ever for you to join Solo Practice University. Learn more….

How To Capture Local Business With SEO

Shop Local! It has become a rallying cry for independent businesses around the world. In the age of Google, people don’t simply stroll on down to Main Street when they want to make a purchase. No one opens the local yellow pages anymore. They open a search engine on their phone and it might take them far, far away from Main Street.

The good news? Four out of five people use search engines to find local information. Searches for ‘near me’ or ‘close by’ increased more than 900% in a two-year period.

You’ve probably conducted this kind of search yourself when looking to buy soccer cleats or hire an electrician ‘near me’. And if you’re like most people — 92% of shoppers to be exact — you choose a business from the first page of results that Google provides.

Page one of a Google search — this is the new marketing goal of any business, including yours.

How do you appear at the top of the page for every relevant search? In other words, how do you improve your local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? At Ercule, we spend every day helping businesses do exactly that. Read on.

3 Common Pitfalls For Attorney SEO – (SPONSORED)

Almost every business wants to rank first in Google for their product niche – not only is it satisfying to win the Google ranking game, but it’s also often the path to greater revenue.

That ranking game, for many of our clients, feels mysterious and daunting. Many of them have been playing the game based on gut instinct and guesswork for a long time, and are exhausted.

Among frustrated business owners whose search status seems to stagnate, we’ve noticed some common mistakes. Here are some major ones, along with solutions that you can implement with your team.

Why It’s a Great Time to Start a Solo/Small Firm Practice – Guest Lecture with Jared Correia

Every situation, good or bad, we face in life presents opportunities for those who can capitalize on what is happening. It is no different for those looking to venture out in solo practice. This last year shook up the world for practically everyone. Even if you are already solo, you had to rethink how you were approaching your practice. So, join us as we discuss the opportunities!

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