Hourly Rate, Flat Fee, Contingency or Retainer?

The Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to set fees that are not excessive. (Rule 1.5 (a)). Lawyers must also communicate the basis for their fees and expenses to their clients, according to the scope of representation. Yet how does an individual attorney calculate the amount of the fee? Should this fee be hourly or […]

Attract Media Interest with Year-End Predictions

As the fourth quarter draws to a close, many industry, local business and legal publications will compile a year in review to summarize the significant deals, litigation, legislation and court decisions of 2019.

Reporters and editors will likely invite attorneys and business leaders to peer into their crystal balls and imagine the trends and issues of 2020. How will regulation, the election, the economy and other factors affect activity in specific sectors? Which factors will have the greatest impact and reverberate in the local, regional, national or global markets? Reporters want to know what is going to happen, so that they may share this insight with their readers — and scoop the competition.

Step forward to position yourself as a thought leader and participate in this discussion.

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