9 Ways to Connect (and Re-Connect) with Your Networking Contacts


Many solo attorneys join professional membership organizations and formal networking groups in order to attract business through referrals by fellow members.

Maintaining contact with members of the group via Zoom meetings is valuable, yet there are many other ways to interact with these colleagues on a one-on-one basis between meetings.

Begin by sending each one an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional database. When appropriate, consider a connection on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Here are NINE ways to strengthen your ties to the members — individually and within the group:

  1. Subscribe to their newsletters and comment on them; then invite them to subscribe to yours;
  2. Co-author an article in their industry newsletter with them;
  3. Ask them about best practices that you can reference in an article or your newsletter; acknowledge their contribution with links to their website;
  4. Comment meaningfully when they post on LinkedIn, so others in your circle will see the discussion and engage with them;
  5. Introduce them to other contacts with a similar professional background or related target market;
  6. Share an announcement of an event, webinar or podcast of potential interest and plan to attend or listen together;
  7. Arrange a check-in phone call to brainstorm together;
  8. Encourage them to host your workshop for their contacts to learn and network;
  9. Invite them to attend your speaking engagement or accompany you to a different networking group.

If these approaches do not strike your fancy, you can always revive your last conversation by referring to these prompts.

Your network overflows with people, skills and opportunities. Dig in for mutual rewards and growth.

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