Blueprint for Rainmaking Success – Part 3 Effective Goal Setting

To state the obvious, being a lawyer is stressful; being a solo practitioner 10 x more so because, even if you have administrative help, you are responsible for everything in order to become successful. And so, you need to find a way to not only have a great career, but a great life as well.

This is why I suggest, and truly believe, that you must have goals in 5 different areas of life….

Blueprint for Success – Part 2: Your Ideal Clients

While becoming a practice area specialist can result in bringing in legal matters, it is becoming harder and harder to obtain clients just because you practice law in a specific area. This is because the amount of competition out there is tremendous. For example, according to the ABA website, there are more than 25,000 members of the Labor and Employment Law Section (and remember, not every attorney in the United States is a member of the ABA, so the number of attorneys practicing labor and employment law is almost definitely considerably higher). Competition for clients can be ferocious.

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