The Referral Power of Positive Reviews on Yelp.

In his seminal guide on solo practice, Jay Foonberg predicted that the Internet would change everything about the way consumers shopped for goods and services. And in his opinion, the practice of law was no exception. Today, Foonberg’s vision seems to be materializing more each day. Consumers size up lawyers not just by their artwork […]

Preparing To Go Solo Mid-Career

Last time, I discussed ways of gaining experience if you are an entry level job seeker.  But what about those who already have experience?  If you work at a medium or large law firm and are thinking of becoming a solo mid-career, you probably need to prepare for a significant shift in your work. For […]

Forget LLC or PC. Simpler is Better

Once you actually start a law practice you will have to decide how to operate.  What type of tax classification will you choose?  Will you be an LLC, a corporation, or a sole proprietorship?  When choosing how to operate, people generally have two things in mind – taxes and liability.  As a tax lawyer, I deal […]

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