Social Media Marketing GPS

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Social Media Marketing GPS is the first business book based on Twitter interviews.

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Sometimes you just have to color outside the lines. Sometimes you stumble. Sometimes you soar. Sometimes people wrapped in the status quo just don’t get your ideas. Sometimes you find people who believe in your vision.

Last summer I, Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing, invited social media marketing pros to explore with me a new book genre. I wondered if a real business book could be written using Twitter as the major content platform and distribution channel.

Social Media Marketing GPS is based on Twitter interviews with 40 of the smartest people working in social media. The book begins with an explanation of why include social media and moves on to cover ethics, tactics, research, metric, branding, sponsored conversations, blogger relations and even a few case studies. Additional content wraps around each of the 12 chapters creating a process for you to use to develop your social media marketing plan.

Table of Contents

Forward: Shel Israel

Introduction: Toby Bloomberg

Chapter 1: Why Social Media?
Interviews with Paul Chaney, Ann Handley

Chapter 2: The New Enterprise Direction
Interviews with Geoff Livingston, Marc Meyer

Chapter 3: Social Media Research: The 1st Listening
Interviews with C.B. Whittemore, Joel Rubinson

Chapter 4: Social Media Ethics
Interviews with Wayne Hurlbert, Mack Collier

Chapter 5: Strategy First
Interviews with BL Ochman, Rajesh Lalwani

Chapter 6: Tactics Second:
Blogs, Twitter, Social Networks, Podcasts, Vlogs,
RSS, Widgets
Interviews with Julie Squires, Yvonne DiVita, Connie Reece
AV Flox, Nancy White, Neville Hobson, Jim Turner, Roxanne Darling,Bill Flitter, Nick Burcher, Marianne Richmond

Chapter 7: Social Media & Branding
Interviews with Dana VanDen Heuvel, Beth Harte

Chapter 8: Blogger Relations
Interviews with Susan Getgood, Elisa Camahort

Chapter 9: Sponsored Conversations
Interviews with Scott Monty, Melanie Notkin

Chapter 10: Metrics That Make Sense
Interviews with Peter Kim, Kate Niederhoffer

Chapter 11: Solving Business Challenges
Interviews with Lionel Menchaca, Frank Eliason, Donna Lynes Miller, John Maley

Chapter 12: Relationships 1st, 2nd & Last
Interviews with Tim Jackson, Liz Strauss, Lucretia M Pruitt, Kimberly Coleman

After Forward: David Meerman Scott
It’s a genre for the 24/7 marketers who don’t have time to read a tome but must understand social media in order to do their jobs. It’s for people who want insights and information bite-size and actionable. It’s for business professionals who want a quick refresher and innovative ideas to take their current strategy to the next level.

I invite you to download the eBook; and if you find value please pass the link to people in your network and in your social networks.

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