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A Rapid Learning and Research Tool for Lawyers

GlanceCharts combines a quick reference foldout chart and online resources in a revolutionary tool for legal professionals. A tool spanning a multitude of practice areas and legal topics. A tool ideally suited for newer attorneys or those new to a practice area yet powerful in the hands of any practitioner.

In cooperation with Solo Practice University® we have made available to subscribers the first of a series of E-discovery and digital evidence chart/webinar products in this rapidly evolving and vital practice area. In the near future we will launch a second product in this series: A Quick Guide to Introducing Digital Evidence available for purchase from our website.

We will also be launching other national products including a Quick Guide to Federal Civil Procedure and Federal Civil Evidence. In addition to our federal products we currently offer state law-based products including a three-component chart/webinar/database combination that provides summaries of cases related to specific points in the chart. Visit our catalog and store for additional information.

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