Endless Referrals

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Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales
by Bob Burg

With over 175,000 copies sold, this is one of the most popular business- and sales-boosting guides ever written. This new edition offers successful entrepreneur and speaker Bob Burg’s proven relationship-building system.

From the Back Cover

Using this book, thousands of professional and entrepreneurs have turned casual into solid sales opportunities with nationally renowned speaker and bestselling author Bob Burg’s proven relationship techniques. In this completely updated edition of Endless Referrals, he shows you how to:

  • Turn every contact into a sales opportunity
  • Dramatically increase your business without spending more time or money
  • Identify the most profitable contacts
  • Network the Internet
  • Set up a successful home-based business
  • Take the intimidation out of telephoning
  • Overcome fear of rejection
  • Succeed in multilevel marketing and mail order marketing
  • Position yourself as an expert
  • Mark yourself for success

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One comment on “Endless Referrals

  • I normally would not post a review, especially since I created this Co-Op. However, I have intimate knowledge, having read it cover- to-cover over and over, again. When I was consulting individuals on how to open their own practices, it was a recommended must read. Why? Although the ‘marketing’ of the book may not normally appeal to lawyers, the incredible, sound principles and actions recommended are extraordinarily important to building a legal services business and can really change the way you build all the relationships in your life.

    By learning how to help people achieve what they are aiming to achieve it results in them giving you not just their business but referral business. You no longer feel as if you are ‘selling’ your services but rather doing what you’ve always aspired to doing, relating to your potential clients and this leads to converting them into paying clients.

    It is extraordinarily liberating to approach a potential client without thinking about how you are going to sell them into hiring you but thinking ‘how can I help them.’ It really takes the pressure off. Bob articulates clearly that the best way to get what you want is to give others what they need…first.

    Disregard the ‘marketing’ lingo on the book’s cover. (Sorry, Bob). Spend the $12.00 for what’s inside this book. It truly will ease your fears about networking and relationship-building.

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