Implementing Value Pricing

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By Ronald J. Baker

An overwhelming majority of professional firms price their services by the flawed hourly billing method. This method is outdated, suboptimal, and driving the best and brightest out of the professions. While lawyers, accountants, and consultants serve noble callings, the predominant method of pricing for their services is not worthy of them. There is a better way.

Implementing Value Pricing demonstrates a superior model to price for professional services: selling intellectual capital with pricing based on the results and value it creates, not the cost or time it took to formulate. Written by veteran speaker, writer, and educator Ronald Baker, this book declares the customer as the sole and ultimate arbiter of value. It proposes a business model change from “We sell time” to “We sell intellectual capital,” exploring the requirements, hurdles, challenges, and opportunities that enlightened firms transitioning to this new business model will face.

Driven by theory and the actual experiences of many firms, Implementing Value Pricing features seven appendixes available for download on the companion website containing checklists, strategies, sample forms, and case studies, and discusses:

  • Business model innovation
  • The latest research on the history of the billable hour and timesheets
  • The foundations of creating value
  • An eight-step model to assist firms to implement value pricing
  • Two frameworks for scoping complex engagements
  • What, specifically, replaces hourly billing and timesheets
  • Seven appendixes available for download on the companion website—containing checklists, strategies, sample forms, and case studies

With case studies from firms that have profitably implemented these specific ideas, Implementing Value Pricing is a practical guide for how and why to implement a business model change, create more value, and unlock the tremendous competitive power hidden in the intellectual capital of every professional firm.

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