Thrive: A New Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Practice

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by Desiree Moore, Esq.

As a law school graduate, you are deeply trained and a member of one of the most distinguished professions of all time. Still, law school has not prepared you for the complexities and demands of actually practicing law. You, like so many other professionals–athletes, singers, entrepreneurs–can benefit from a coach, a mentor, someone watching over you as you embark on your legal career. Thrive: A New Lawyer’s Guide to Law Firm Practice is designed to do just that. Thrive will improve your performance, save you some very real growing pains, and accelerate your legal career.

This book is for lawyers who are just beginning their careers, who want to do more than show up, act eagerly, and not get fired. This is for lawyers who want to know what their role is in a law firm from day one and take their careers head-on, with direction and purpose. This is for you if you don’t care to be frustrated or overwhelmed by your career, but awakened. This is for you if you know that you want to become a leader in your law firm, practice area, or industry down the line. Are you in?

Learn more or purchase the book from the American Bar Association.

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