Staying at Home, Staying in the Law

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Staying at Home, Staying in the Law: A Guide to Remaining Active in the Legal Profession While Pursuing Your Dreams
By Julie Tower-Pierce

Many leave the legal profession on a temporary basis, because of illness, to raise a child, or simply pursue other interests. But does leaving the profession mean saying goodbye to your career? Julie Tower-Pierce challenges the traditional view of the legal profession as “either you’re in or you’re out”, and explains how to “stay-at-home” while keeping your foot in the door of legal practice.

This book will show you the “gray” areas that exist for practicing law while still remaining committed to your primary interest. It’s written to serve as a practical and comprehensive desk companion for lawyers looking to pursue dreams, passions, or interests which are separate and independent from the practice of law, but without giving up the law. It’s a book about the value of investing in yourself and multifaceted rewards of that investment.

Through tips, resources, and experiences shared by dozens of attorneys, this book offers advice on everything from devising your transition plan and redefining your success, to staying active, and making money from home. Alternative full-time and part-time careers are discussed, including freelance writing, pro-bono opportunities, telework, and compressed workweek options. Other options discussed include, job share, contract work, government work, non-profit work and academia. Finally, the book discusses how to transition smoothly back into the law, if you want to, and provides a helpful list of resources on the subject.

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