How ‘Facebook’ In Our Daily Living Will Impact Solos

UPDATE: While not specifically geared towards law firms, this is a very powerful article from Entrepreneur magazine about social media and business.  I strongly encourage you to read ‘Tearing Down the Walls: How Social Media Is Changing Everything About The Way We Do Business.” One notable highlight: “…..Charlene Li, one of the world’s leading thinkers […]

How Major Changes In Our Daily Living Will Impact Solo Practices (Part III)

We are continuing to discuss the major societal and cultural changes coming to a head in 2011 and how your clients are going to be impacted by them.  You can read the first two discussions here and here to catch up. This third post is going to discuss changes in housing, newspapers, communications and social media. […]

Can We Trust Anyone Anymore? Can You Be Trusted?

There is actually a silver lining, however, in this ever-growing world of distrust. Due to social media, the viral nature of information today, those who would look to deceive, suppress, deny accountability through carefully crafted public relations nonsense can’t stem the leaks. Everything is being exposed. Everything is being digitally memorialized. And everything can be digitally altered out of context. Everyone truly does live and work in the proverbial glass house today.

Audio: Social Media and Networking for Businesses (Part 2)

Toby Bloomberg teaches about social media and networking for businesses at Solo Practice University® in a series of Guest Lectures. This is her second lecture recorded on May 4th, 2010. Toby Bloomberg is passionate about helping people (not companies) create initiatives that leverage the power of social media communications to build and nurture “digital corner […]

Audio: Social Media and Networking for Businesses (Part 1)

Toby provides guest lectures about social media and networking for businesses at Solo Practice University®. Her first lecture was recorded March 9, 2010. Combining over 15-years of traditional strategic marketing and with the lessons learned from her adventures in over 8 years with social media, Toby’s company, Bloomberg Marketing/Diva Marketing, helps (the people in) organizations join […]

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