Damn Fine Words

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Brought to you by Men with Pens’ very own James Chartrand, Damn Fine Words is the only writing course designed specifically for business results.

Damn Fine Words is the most innovative cross between writing course and business course you’ve ever seen.

It’s not a copywriting course (though you could use it for that). It’s not a blogging course (though your blog posts are going to rock!). It’s not an article writing course (though you’ll learn tricks to write great ones). Those are all just niche forms of writing.

Damn Fine Words is a course about how to write well. It’s designed to teach you how to become a better, more effective writer who has an easier time figuring out what to say and how to write it so you can reach your target market easily.

Wait – this isn’t a course for writers?

Yes and no.

Damn Fine Words is for businesspeople. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-up owners… people who need to write for their business in an effective way that gets tangible results.

Like writing better articles that attract attention (and in turn, sales). Like crafting effective web copy that appeals to your potential customers and draws them in. Like honing your message so that you reach out and pull in prospects looking for exactly what you sell.

That’s what Damn Fine Words is all about: results.

One caution, though: This course isn’t for everyone. I’ll tell you more about that as you keep reading, and you’ll be able to see whether you’re a good fit for Damn Fine Words in just a bit.

Tell me more about the course. What’ll I get?

Damn Fine Words is a 10-week course packed with 20 complete lessons, delivered at the rate of two per week – that’s a nice, easy pace anyone can handle. Blending family, work and this course will be breezy.

Each lesson is specifically designed to help you improve your writing skills AND your business results. They include fun activities, practical assignments and exercises, and even valuable Use It Now tips that help you get tangible results immediately.

There’s also a special members-only forum where you’ll learn even more cool tricks. You’ll definitely want to see the activities we have in store for you there.

And here’s the cool part: I’ll be right there with you. You’ll be able to hang out with me in the forum every day, where I’ll be personally answering questions, offering feedback, and sneaking in plenty of extra tips to help you get ahead.

I’ll even have office hours so that you can come see me for direct, personal assistance and extra help from yours truly. I’ve installed a special feature in the site just for this purpose, and you’ll be able to communicate directly with me twice a week, every week. (Who else offers you that kind of personal attention?)

Learn more and register now.

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