Savvy Solo – Guest Lecture with Haley Austin

photo-16Last May, Clio ran a #Clioday contest asking lawyers how they used the time they saved because of Clio law practice management solutions.  After much fanfare, a winner was picked.  Haley Austin.  I watched her video (which her daughter filmed and edited and you can see below) and really wanted to do a guest lecture with her because she is an army veteran, mother of four,  and a very compelling person.  I got this just from the video.  However, I then met her in person at the Clio Cloud Conference in September and quite simply, she’s a powerhouse!  If she does not define a Savvy Solo, someone who can inspire you to go for it no matter the challenges, I’m not sure anyone can. (pictured left to right: Susan Cartier Liebel, Haley Austin, Carolyn Elefant)


The audio is about 43 minutes. Listen directly below

Download (.MP3)

Haley Austin

Attorney Haley Austin is a private attorney with a background in government, business, entertainment and real estate. She brings those skills together to meet the needs of a variety of individual and business clients in Chicago, Minnesota, California and Florida.

Attorney Austin is a prior Realtor, business owner, artist manager and veteran. She is licensed in Illinois state and federal courts, bankruptcy court, Northern District of California, Minnesota state court, and is corporate counsel to several small and mid-size companies here and abroad.

Haley lives in Chicago with her family, serves on advisory boards and is an adjunct professor with the City Colleges of Chicago. She volunteers her time to provide educational and legal services to youth, veterans and the elderly.

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