SPU Classes in August, September, October…and Much More!

The summer flew by and we barely had a fall before we got walloped with the Great Snow Storm of October, 2011! Hopefully you have power back on so you can read about all the great happenings at SPU!

Recent Classes

  • Stephanie Kimbro shared a Podcast: Updates in Virtual Law Practice, as well as new classes on How to Create a Virtual Law Practice and Online Branded Networks – Compete or Collaborate?
  • Lessons 3 and 4 of Bankruptcy Law by Daniel Gershburg are available: Bankruptcy Law and Exemptions Post January, 2011
  • Jonathan Ginsberg shares a couple of great Practice Tips in his classroom – Using VA Records in a Social Security Disability Claim, How Do Work Attempts Impact Your Client’s Social Security Disability Application?
  • Catch up on Principles of Financial Forensics with Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 – Financial Analysis, Parts 1 and 2 by Roman Matatov
  • D. Todd Smith discusses Preparing to Cut the Umbilical Cord
  • In the Labor Law classroom Michael Brown has Lesson 5 – Caller Intake and Lesson 6 – Case Evaluation
  • Entertainment Law Update Podcast 23 and 24 can now be obtained in the Entertainment Classroom. And don’t miss Monkeying Around with Copyright Law all from Gordon Firemark.
  • Marc Garfinkle kicks of Criminal Law 101 with The Criminal Practice.
  • Ed Poll has Tips for Increased Revenue, Preference is Perishable and Collecting Your Fee Begins At the Intake
  • New classes from Richard Maseles in Real World Legal Research: Economics of Legal Research; Where do you look when you (think you have) run out of places to look? and Statutes.
  • Keep improving your Storytelling Skills with Organize the Story and Dramatize the Story – Delivery Elements from Diane F. Wyzga
  • Lots of ground was covered in the How to Hang a Shingle classroom from Susan Cartier Liebel including Lesson 5 – Location (Part 3), Lesson 6 – Don’t Write A Mission Statement. Be On A Mission! and Lesson 7 – To Partner or Not to Partner. That Is the Question!
  • In Child Custody Start to Finish with Lesson 8 Katherine Frye delves into Post Trial Work.
  • Chris Hill has shared Classes 21 and 22, Miller Act Claim Increases and Mechanic’s Lien Practicalities
  • To learn How to Maximize the Chance Your Video is Watched catch Gerry Oginski‘s latest in Creating Online Videos for Lawyers. Also find out How to Use a Watch Ad for Your Video Marketing.
  • Continue learning the basics behind the scenes of your blog with Lesson 2 – Basic HTML by David Carson; Lesson 3 – Styling HTML with CSS
  • So You Wanna Be a Freelancer? asks Celeste H.G. Boyd in the premiere of Footloose and Fancy Freelancing.
  • Rochelle Richardson gives us the very first class, Overview of Veterans Law, in the Introduction to Veterans Law classroom.
  • Another Lesson 1, this time in the Unemployment Appeals classroom – 2011 Unemployment Overview for Solos and Lesson 2 – The Law of UI Benefits, Eligibility and Disqualifications by Bruce Godfrey
  • Trippe Fried discusses Employer/Employee Relations in Business Law

New Faculty Announcements and Guest Bloggers

  • Bruce Godfrey joined SPU is presenting a class entitled Unemployment Appeals, Law, Practice and Procedure
  • Celeste Boyd will teach on the very hot topic of Freelance Lawyering.
  • Another red hot practice area – Introduction to Veteran’s Law – will be taught by new faculty member Rochelle Richardson.
  • It just keeps getting hotter! Want to understand Social Media and the Law? Learn with Deborah Gonzalez our newest faculty member.
  • Erin McClarty guest posted about the value of pro bono work in building your law practice.

If you are interested in becoming faculty or guest posting, please e-mail susan (at) solopracticeuniversity.com

Faculty News and Accomplishments

Best of the Season Blog Posts

SPU Keeps Growing

Our Bridges Program is expanding steadily! You will see more ‘public’ announcements soon about our strategic partnerships with forward thinking law schools who recognize Solo Practice University® is an excellent resource for their law students and alumni who are or will be going solo.

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