So Long 2010. Hello 2011!

I have been uncharacteristically quiet on this blog since the beginning of the New Year.  I wrote post after post but never hit the publish button. Sometimes you can have so much to say about so many things, your fingers type so fast and yet the end result is just not quite ready for prime time.  So, the blog posts will return soon as I get back to editing and then push them past dress rehearsal and finally on stage.

But there is another great reason why I’ve been quiet.  We are really amping up Solo Practice University this year and it’s taking all my energy and then some as we are just two months away from celebrating our second anniversary!

We’re working with many new faculty whom we’ll introduce soon, starting another exciting specialized series of free lectures, bringing on more great columnists and hand-selected sponsors, and  in this crazy economy we’re actually creating jobs right here at Solo Practice University (another goal for SPU I can now tick off my list!)

We’re not quite ready to announce the details on any of this just yet…but stay tuned!

In the meantime, let’s see what’s been going on inside Solo Practice University:


Trippe Fried gave us Lesson 8 of Business Law – Intellectual Property

MILOfest kept him busy,  but Victor Medina found time to share 50 Free Apps at Macs In the Law Office

Katherine Frye discusses Experts For Your Child Custody Trial in Lesson 4 of Child Custody: Start to finish…is there an end?? (If you want to meet Katherine, check out her video on our facebook page.)

Class 15 of Construction Practice 101 is a very timely class by Chris Hill, End of Year Collections

New topics from Ed Poll at LawBiz Management in December included, Getting Started As A Solo, In Our Virtual World, Personal Injury Case Financing: Income or a Loan? and Do You Guarantee Your Work

Mark Merenda conducts an Audio Interview with Allison Shields in Marketing for Lawyers

Are Class Actions Necessary? is the question posed by Brian Herrington in Class Action Law

Gordon Firemark posted Episode 16, Entertainment Law Update Podcast in Entertainment Law

In Lesson 4 I’ve Been Grieved. Now What? Elizabeth Granoff addresses When do I need to hire an attorney regarding a Disciplinary Complaint?

Gerry Oginski was on fire this month, giving us three postings in Creating Online Video for Attorneys: Video Critique- “Me, Me, Me…It’s all about Me!”, How Watch Companies Can Help You Market Your Legal Services and Video Critique: Lawyers Talking About Themselves…Again- UGH!


We had a fascinating guest lecture on Spinning the Law: Trying the Case in the Court of Public Opinion thanks to the highly accomplished attorney and author, Kendall Coffey.  This is a must listen for not just lawyers but anyone interested in how the media can impact justice. You can access Kendall’s guest lecture all our great guest lectures for free right here.


We love sharing the accomplishments of SPU Faculty.

In December Ron Baker’s new book Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms became available. He gives a masters class in economics at SPU already with more than eight hours of jam-packed information on the ‘why’ and then the ‘how’ of value pricing.  This great new book now compliments these classes and provides you the road map to actually implement value pricing with step-by-step instructions. You can learn more about his book here or check out the book’s Facebook Page!

We just got word that our very own faculty member  Kira Fonteneau was selected as a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 2011.  Congratulations, Kira!


In December we introduced Caren Schwartz who will be teaching Introduction to Billing and Accounting. Her first class is already up. This class will be perfect for 2011′s new solos as this class should have been taught in all law schools but…it wasn’t!  Actually, it’s a great class for any lawyer and when her class was announced the news was received with great enthusiasm by our students.


There’s always a lot to learn from the Solo Practice University blog. This past month featured posts such as:


Our Student blogs are always interesting to check out as their voices are fresh and the topics very interesting. A few of December’s student blog posts:


If you’re not subscribed to the Solo Practice University newsletter, now is the time to jump on board.  You can do so here. Also, make sure to ‘like’ our SPU Facebook page where you’ll find great discussions, news and more…all about going solo.

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