So, I Said To Myself, “Self, What Do I Really Sound Like?”

talking to myselfA friend, who supervises a number of customer service technicians for a large phone service provider sent me a link to a website I wanted to share with you. The website is called It analyses the effect of what you say, in your materials, letters and comments, enabling you to understand how what you say is perceived by others. It provides you with alternatives that may make your message more palatable and more powerful. It was completely eye opening to me.

Neither I nor Solo Practice University are affiliated with effectcheck. However, for re-zooming attorneys that are prone to be self deprecating, the ability to have what we write reviewed objectively for it’s effect on the reader could be instrumental in helping us put our best foot (and language) forward. Try it. It may enable you to see what people have been thinking about the information and materials you have been putting out there and why what you are saying may not be hitting your intended mark.

“Talking To Yourself,” came to mind at a meeting I attended recently. It left me with several good strategies and language shifts that my re-zooming audience may want to consider adding to their interview/networking/self-talk process. The way we speak to ourselves and about ourselves to others, often dictates how we approach a job interview, an assignment or are seen at a networking event. It isn’t easy re-zooming your career. It is what you’ve chosen to do. Let’s rework any negatives into positives for the benefit of all.

Some language shift examples are reflected below. Keep them handy to keep you on a positive track.

We may say We should say
I’m not good at this What am I missing?
I’m awesome at this I’m on the right track
I give up I can figure this out; I’ll use some new strategies
This is too hard This will take some time and effort
I can’t make this any better I can always improve if I keep trying
OMG I’ve made a mistake Mistakes help me learn
She is so smart; I will never be that smart I am going to figure out how she does it
Plan A didn’t work I’m glad there are 25 more letters in the alphabet

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Hopefully the ones from column B are more familiar in your lexicon than those from column A.

We are restarting a journey. It is all new to most of us. Keeping our own self-talk and how we present ourselves more positive, will require effort and a bit of personal work. As one of the above bullet points show – I can always improve if I keep trying. That is all you can ask of yourself. If you choose to change your current language and tone you will have a great deal of positive outcomes to look forward to.

Join your Local Bar Association – Lawyers in Transition Committees, this group is very worthwhile. It brings together all those in the same boat. Remember; stay focused and positive no matter what you see in front of you. You can figure it out, take your time and believe. The language you use when speaking to yourself and others will make a world of difference. Now get out there and Re-zoom.

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