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One of our missions at Solo Practice University® is to weed through the multitude of products and services catering to attorneys, find those which have actual value and are offered at a good price and then negotiate an additional discount for our students.  These service and product providers are then invited to be sponsors of SPU but ONLY IF they have something worthwhile for our students, are reputable, and are priced properly. While these sponsors are normally featured in our Co-Op, we will occasionally give a shout out on the SPU blog to draw your attention to the product or service because we really think they are providing something extra special.

Today we are highlighting Total Attorneys High Performance Marketing.  Personally, I think the name should be Total Attorneys Client Lead Generation BUT that being said, after all the challenges to their model, they have proven to us they actually provide an important marketing tool in today’s competitive marketplace.

How do I know this? When I was in sales many moons ago, our company would actually pay for leads which came on little hand written post cards with the prospects’ name and contact info and then I’d do a lot of cold calling. 95% of them were worthless; bad contact info, just wanted a freebie. But the company broke the leads down into regions so the sales reps got the leads for the territory and they paid a hefty price to get these leads. All it took were a few good leads to make the sales office hit record sales numbers.

This is a time honored method of getting business, connecting you with those who have an interest in your services.  This is what Total Attorneys does based upon practice area and geography and filtering out the bad leads. They send you referrals from those who have expressed an interest in what you do and they do so exclusively for however long you want to work with them.  There are no contracts so it’s very simple to try out, only paying for those leads you receive. With the SPU deep discount available through May 28,2011 it’s worthwhile to give it a shot because all you need is that one great case, that one awesome client, right?

They convinced me (and I was a HUGE skeptic in the beginning) so I encourage you to check them out.

Nationwide Marketing for Solo Attorneys and Small Firms

Every month, tens of thousands of people request a consultation with one of Total Attorneys’ sponsoring attorneys.

Total Attorneys’ experienced team does the legwork, attracting hundreds of thousands of consumers each month to its content-rich legal websites.

Total Attorneys is offering High Performance Marketing service that includes:

  • Geographic exclusivity
  • Pay-per-performance pricing
  • Professional call center support
  • No long-term commitment

Today’s consumers are looking for legal services online. Learn how Total Attorneys can help them find you!

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