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I have had the very good fortune of knowing Amanda (and finally meeting her this past November) for a few years now and all thanks to social media networking.  She has made it her mission to teach law students and new JDs how to use the three major social networking sites to help them get legal jobs.  What has this to do with solo practice? The fact is in positioning themselves while in law school these same students are setting up a network which can very well assist their efforts at solo practice should the Big Law job not pan out.

This is a must-listen lecture for all law students, new solos (and some not so new) on how to build your social profile to get employed (or use to become self-employed) successfully.

In this guest lecture you’ll learn:

  • Performance over presence -  the ‘make or break’ use of social media
  • Using social networking sites to prepare for interviews
  • Using social networking to hire staff
  • Building a brand that markets ‘you’
  • Building a referral network that works

Listen to the guest lecture directly below. The interview runs approximately 54 minutes.

Download (.MP3)

Amanda C. Ellis is a former practicing bankruptcy attorney licensed in Texas and Massachusetts and founder of Amanda Ellis Legal Search, a legal search firm that focuses on the placement of bankruptcy attorneys nationwide and all attorneys in Texas.  Amanda was previously with Special Counsel, the largest provider of legal staffing services to corporate legal departments and law firms nationwide, where she was the top producer for direct hire attorney placements.

Amanda is a nationally known author and speaker about the intersection of social media and the job search.  Amanda is the author of The 6Ps of the BIG 3™ for Job-Seeking JDs (Something Different Publishing 2010), the first book to teach lawyers and law students how to get hired using social networking sites.  Amanda also publishes a monthly newsletter, Something Different, which received the 2010 APEX Award of Excellence for New Newsletter.  Something Different covers career topics from a different angle and frequently incorporates social networking ideas.

Amanda obtained her law degree from The University of Texas School of Law in May 2001.  She obtained her B.S. in Business, summa cum laude, from Centenary College of Louisiana in May 1998. Amanda is the 2010 President-Elect of Texas Women Lawyers.

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