The Proud To Be Solo Grand Prize Winner Is….

Tracie C. Robinson of New York City!!

All faculty acknowledged the entrants in the Proud To Be Solo Scholarship Contest were incredible and every single one worthy. But when the final votes were tallied, Tracie brought home the most votes in a nail-biter finish.

Tracie C. Robinson is a May, 2008 graduate of George Washington University Law School who passed the July, 2008 New York bar exam. She then immediately began her 1 year clerkship in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Upon completion, she moved back to New York City to ‘pursue her dream of opening a solo practice.’

Why Solo?

There are two main reasons Tracie chose to go solo. The first is
she always wanted to be a lawyer and she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She believes going solo is the best combination because it is one of the most rewarding.

“Being a lawyer is a noble profession. When you work for yourself (as a lawyer), there’s just no reward which can compare.”

The second reason solo practice is for her:

I’m impatient. I didn’t want to wait three years for someone to trust me enough to allow me to interact with my first client. I really just wanted to jump in…


Tracie’s goal is to establish herself as ‘the leading intellectual property litigator in New York City for copyright/trademark cases.’ As a dancer herself, and with connections to the performing artist community, she wants to be the ‘go to person’ for other performing artists who want to secure their intellectual property rights.

Give Back

A big part of Tracie’s mission is being an active part of the legal community, devoting a percentage of her practice to pro bono work and contributing to the community at large.

Steps Taken

Tracie already shares a small office in Tribeca with another solo, steps from several court houses with the Empire State Building shining in the distance.

She has already taken on several cases (both paid and unpaid) and is reading everything she can get her hands on to further her education. She wants to ensure she doesn’t make any ethical missteps. She is also a self-professed Continuing Legal Education junkie who can’t wait to have 24/7 access to Solo Practice University’s more than 400 classes.

Already showing her wisdom she laughs,

I’m Proud To Be Solo…. but not too proud to seek out all the help I can get!

Congratulations, Tracie! Welcome to Solo Practice University!

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