How To Protect The Health of Your Practice and Yourself During a Pandemic and the Rest of Your Lives – Guest Lecture with Cynthia Sharp and Becky Howlett


Did you know the World Health Organization has classified ‘Burnout’ as a health issue?  Did you know that burnout is not based on the number of hours you work but the quality of those hours?  Cynthia Sharp and Becky Howlett founded, a resource to help solo and small firm practitioners navigate the emotional roadmap of solo/small firm practice to keep you healthy and grounded through a pandemic and the rest of your lives.  This information-packed podcast will have you taking action immediately to help ground you and elevate you at the same time.  Listen and learn.

The audio is about 56 minutes. Listen directly below.

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The crowning achievement of Cynthia’s life came when she became sober from alcohol on Sept. 23, 2009. Since then, Cynthia has devoted every single day to protect her mental and physical health. Through this journey, she achieved a level of contentment, happiness, and emotional stability that she previously did not know was possible.

Because she could no longer tolerate the stress of a law practice, after almost 30 years as a practicing attorney, Cynthia sold her interest to her junior partner at the end of 2009. Since then, she has dedicated more than 10 years to helping attorneys build sustainable and stable law firms through The Sharper Lawyer.

Cindy’s most recent accolade is that she has been named Trainer of the Year by the American Bar Association Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division, a national award presented in New York City on May 3, 2019.

Becky Howlett is an attorney, legal educator, and certified Contemplative Practices Teacher committed to promoting well-being in the legal field and beyond. Becky’s attorney-wellness advocacy began after struggling with depression, anxiety, and burnout as a law student and practicing attorney. In the spring of 2020, she co-founded to help legal advocates effectively manage stress, cultivate healthy work environments, and prevent burnout.

As Director of Attorney Well-Being, Becky has led live meditations for over 500 attorneys in the United States and Canada. Becky’s legal experience and expertise emphasize aware communication and relationship building, including delivering educational seminars and trainings re: cultural competency and implicit bias. She has worked in national non-profits, “Big Law,” outside counsel to an Indian tribal government, and as a solo practitioner.

After meeting kindred spirit Becky Howlett amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Cynthia and Becky quickly discovered they had both cultivated mediation practices to reclaim and maintain their overall health and well-being. Given their dual interest in sharing mindfulness with others, they founded with the mission of helping others in the legal field avoid burnout, depression, anxiety, and addiction that they each struggled with for much too long.


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