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Linda Mercurio is the founder of The Relaunching Attorney Platform (TRAP) by Transformative Impact, an electronic program that helps rezooming attorneys get back into the swing of legal things. If you are thinking about returning to the practice of law, Linda has helped herself and many attorneys just like you navigate the path of least resistance toward rezooming a legal career. In our interview, she gives three wonderful suggestions to facilitate your return.

Upon returning from her own career break, Linda designed and led the American University – Washington College of Law Lawyer Re-entry Program (WCL LRP). It was originally an in-person program that later transitioned to an electronic program. That program was in place for several years. Due to budget constraints, the WCL LRP was phased out in early 2016.

Linda, however, remained deeply committed to serving rezooming attorneys. Using the technology and learning management system skills gained from five years of teaching law related courses to undergraduates and converting the WCL LRP from the traditional classroom format to an electronic one, Linda created TRAP within her private coaching and consulting practice, Transformative Impact. The Platform provides on-line learning, mentorship and community for rezooming attorneys.

Linda’s program is totally electronic. Participants attend from the comfort of their own home. It provides a community of like-minded rezoomers working together to navigate their way back into the law. She provides mentorship and direction on the journey and supplies the educational material needed to succeed. TRAP enables participants to build a network of fellow attorneys and professionals to assist in answering their rezooming questions. Starting in the fall of 2017, TRAP will have a University “home.” It becomes part of the course offerings at Pace University’s Center for Professional Studies in New York.

Over the past 6 years, the Rezooming Attorney monthly Blog has covered the need to cultivate colleagues and mentors as a means of sharpening one’s legal skill set. Linda’s program includes one-on-one support and mentorship as well as a community to help the rezooming attorney establish a network that will assist them in re-entering the legal world. Solo Practice University then helps rezoomers set up a solo practice if that practice is calling to you.

When asked the question, “what three things she feels are most important for a rezooming attorneys to master as they navigate their way back into the law”, Linda says,

  1. “Rebuilding your confidence – restore your sense of self-worth as a professional. Practice communicating with confidence.”
  2. “Update your professional brand – look at your marketing materials, resume, cover letter, Linked-in profile and your professional Facebook page. Make sure they accurately reflect who you are and what you are doing now.”
  3. “Rebuild or build new connections – network, network, network.”

A good book to read on networking is Build Your Dream Network by J. Kelly Hoey. I’ve spoken many times about the networking prowess of Kelly. Her book efficiently and effectively helps you implement her networking directions. If you want to re-build or build a network, read this book, find out when there is a book signing in your area and go!

While rebuilding your confidence in communicating, you may want to take a minute to check out a Toastmasters group near you. It is inexpensive and provides many opportunities to stand up and talk to people, receive feedback and update your speaking persona. The friendly atmosphere and helpful critiques easily provide suggestions and the means to confidently communicate. Re-learning how to communicate with confidence is of immeasurable value, whether speaking to a group or one to one.

Taken together, Linda and Kelly provide great tips, suggestions and food for thought as you contemplate rezooming your career. Remember Linda’s three important tips to rebuild your career:
“Rebuild your confidence and communication skills.”
“Update your professional brand.”
“Rebuild or build new connections.”

Taken together with Kelly’s networking road-map, you will be all set to take on this process with ease. Now get out there and rezoom!

All opinions, advice, and experiences of guest bloggers/columnists are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, practices or experiences of Solo Practice University®.

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