How Would You Handle a Negative On-Line Review?


Client comes to see you because he is seeking an appeal of his denial for unemployment benefits. You agree to represent Client at the hearing. After the hearing, there is a determination to deny unemployment benefits to Client. Shortly thereafter, Client fires you.

A week later, Client posts a client review of your services on a legal referral website and comments on his dissatisfaction with your services. Client complains that you were incompetent and that your fees were too high. Naturally, you are shocked and hurt.

After you calm yourself, you decide to respond on-line that the allegations by Client are false and you explain in detail why the denial of unemployment benefits was justified because Client failed to follow the rules of his former employer. Is this the right thing to do?

  • Answer A: Yes, it is. You have to respond and defend your reputation.
  • Answer B: No, the response goes too far.

Scroll down for the answer.




The correct answer is B This question is a summary of the facts in an Illinois disciplinary case, In re Tsamis, Case No. 2013PR0095. The attorney was found to have breached her duty of confidentiality under Rule 1.6 for providing details about the client’s case in her response. She was reprimanded.

How did YOU do?

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