Embracing with the ‘F’ Word – Guest Lecture with Karen Caffrey


Society as a whole encourages suppression of feelings.  The legal profession, as a micro-culture, further encourages lawyers to suppress their feelings.  What happens when feelings are suppressed to such a degree? This is a very powerful 32 minutes.  We discuss lawyers and how they deal with (and don’t deal with) feelings in the practice of law.  No, this isn’t your average discussion of the ‘F’ word.  Listen to the science behind feelings, the impact when we ignore or suppress, and then the actions you can take to become healthier and better lawyers. Here is a link to Karen’s previous guest lecture, Is Emotional and Physical Isolation As a Solo Killing You?.

The audio is about 32 minutes. Listen directly below.

Download (.MP3)

For over 20 years, Karen Caffrey, JD, LPC, has provided counseling to lawyers in her private psychotherapy practice. She helps people recover from anxiety and depression, stress, trauma and addictions, and helps them learn how to live more open-hearted, satisfying lives. Karen is also a mental health provider for the Connecticut lawyer’s assistance program. Prior to her career as a psychotherapist, she practiced law for a decade in a Fortune 100 corporation and a private law firm. She understands that even highly successful, capable people can face life challenges for which they need help. Karen writes “Adoptees Ask…“, a column at the Door Opener Magazine Online, and is a grassroots advocate for the civil rights of adult adoptees. And she writes a column here on the Solo Practice University® Blog.

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