Would You Like a Complimentary Law Practice Management Consultation?


Confidentially talking one-on-one to an expert in Law Practice Management may just be the difference between your success and your failure as a solo/small firm practitioner. The ability to confidentially discuss a challenge relating to your solo or small firm practice with an expert advisor can save you hours of frustration. It can also help you to avoid costly mistakes which would leave you frustrated and feeling defeated.

Now, when you enroll in Solo Practice University ® at the annual level, we will be giving you a complimentary half-hour consultation with one of the profession’s leading law practice management advisors – your choice from four highly experienced practitioners who advise lawyers across the country  how to improve their practices.

When you combine this extraordinary benefit with over 1100 individual classes educating you on the 360 degree experience of creating and growing your solo/small firm practice and unlimited online CLE for one year, you realize there is only one thing to do…enroll now.

Looking forward to meeting you ‘on the inside’!

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