The Impact of Social Media on the Legal Process – Guest Lecture with Omar Ha-Redeye

Oftentimes, when we discuss social media it is in the context of how every lawyer should be using it for marketing.  Not this time.  Today we have Omar Ha-Redeye (who also teaches a course at Solo Practice University) discussing social media in the context of the legal process. Let’s face it, if you don’t know about social media how can you advise your client during litigation how it can adversely impact their legal matter or how to prevent destruction of evidence?  What about how social media can be manipulated to create the impression of truths and why you need to get beyond the obvious and into the metadata? What about the logistics of service on Facebook, control of client communications? How does chronic use of social media impact jurors including social media withdrawal during trial?  How does this influence the manner in which an attorney presents her case in court?

Social media is part of our social fabric influencing the actions of your clients, jurists and jurors. As such, it is dictating how you must move forward. Imagine being grieved for failing to advise your client on social media use during litigation or for failing to gather social media evidence? Does your client get a social media plan during the course of your representation? This is a MUST listen and learn lecture.

The audio is about 58 minutes. Listen directly below.

Download (.MP3)


Having worked intensively in various fields within law, Omar Ha-Redeye founded Fleet Street Law, an incubator for lawyers with an advisory group of distinguished practitioners who provide strategic support mentoring. He is also Scholar-in-Residence and Counsel at Garfin Zeidenberg LLP, and previously taught law at Ryerson University. He is also on the faculty at Solo Practice University® teaching Reputation Management Law.

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