Why Lawdingo Should Be In Your Future (and Present)

lawdingo-500x375At the beginning of this year an article proclaimed ‘2014 May Be The Year You Find Your Lawyer on Line’.  It got a lot of press because, quite frankly, the reality is setting in.  Your clients are going to find you on line.  They are doing everything else on line, why should finding a lawyer be any different?  It isn’t.  What is going to be more challenging as a lawyer is to find the right online marketplace to position yourself to be found.  There are many of them and it is the job of those you turn to for information to share their thoughts.

That’s why I want to introduce Lawdingo.  I met Nikhil Nirmel, the Founder of Lawdingo, a couple of years ago.  He’s incredibly likeable as well as smart which aren’t bad qualities to have when you are trying to launch a business. When we met he was working with the idea that finding lawyers should be uncomplicated for the client.  It should be immediate and seamless.  It should also be as easy for the lawyer to connect with the potential client.

Now, it seems like everyone and their brother is trying to create an attorney-client matching service and some monetize their service by tacking on telephone connection fees to get around their fee looking like a referral fee to a non-lawyer.  I get what they are doing and it’s been deemed ethical but this method has always made me uncomfortable. Lawdingo is just clean and neat and uncomplicated but still offering you, the lawyer, what you need to get business.

There’s a reason why the ABA Journal praises Lawdingo as a service that “puts clients in touch instantly” and AboveTheLaw proclaims it “the way of the future.” Industry experts are taking notice of the legal phenomenon that is Lawdingo.

Lawdingo gives potential clients online access to attorneys who are right for them, with a focus on solo practice lawyers. Member attorneys create a profile, and specify their licenses, experience and availability. Lawdingo immediately routes calls, emails, appointments, and requests for quotes from clients to the right lawyers. Lawyers who happen to be available will get the opportunity to speak with clients right at the moment they’ve decided they need legal guidance.  This is key.  For those who know Jay Foonberg, he talks about availability.  If  a client wants a lawyer and your not available she will move on to the next lawyer who is available.

The service also works on lawyers’ behalf even when they are busy, in-court or out of the office, by taking appointments, and notifying them of new inquiries and missed calls by SMS or email. Lawdingo also offers lawyers the ability to bill for services and execute engagement letters through the platform for an entirely virtual relationship with clients. Lawdingo integrates with Clio, Google Calendar, LinkedIn and financial accounts.

And, as always, any monetary benefit SPU might receive in the form of an affiliate fee is passed right through to our students in the form of a student discount on Lawdingo. SPU students will receive one month of Lawdingo free which is a savings to you of $97.00.  And since Lawdingo has no contract, it’s a no-brainer to try it out.  Plus, you get all the education, networking, and other benefits being a student at SPU provides.

Interested attorneys may apply at www.lawdingo.com/apply

Check them out.  We like them and we think you will, too.


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