Faculty Announcement – Kimberly (Alderman) Penix – Foreclosure Defense

kimberlyaldermanKimberly (Alderman) Penix will teach Foreclosure Defense at Solo Practice University®.

Kimberly (Alderman) Penix is a lawyer, writer, and professor who has lived in Vermont, Alaska, Wisconsin, the Virgin Islands, and New Mexico. In the course of her travels, Kimberly built up a thriving freelance law practice.

Kimberly has also been recognized as an expert on the law pertaining to ancient and historical objects and sites. She has appeared across the country to speak on cultural property issues, and has been interviewed by NPR, BBC, and The Art Newspaper.

Kimberly also teaches the Freelance Lawyering 101 course at Solo Practice University®.

Learn more about Kimberly.

Syllabus – Foreclosure Defense

  • Process
  • Standing
  • Failure to Join Indispensible Parties
  • Failure to Follow Right to Cure Requirements
  • Not in Default
  • Waiver and Estoppel
  • Laches and Statute of Limitations
  • Predatory Lending
  • Breaches of Duty of Good Faith and Fiduciary Duty
  • Procedural Defenses
  • Federal Claims
  • Bankruptcy
  • Appeals
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