Rezooming Resolution For 2014 (Or At Any Time)

It is 2014 and this month the Rezooming Attorney post will address New Year’s Resolutions for the Rezooming Attorney!!  If you fit the template sit down, grab a coffee or tea and get ready to find out about the 5 Ways to Resolve Rezooming Roadblocks and have more success  in 2014.

The Five Fool-Proof Methods to Rezooming Your Legal Career Effectively are:

  • Self Determination
  • Family Dynamic
  • Outward bound
  • Believe
  • Receive

First: Self Determination – This first piece of your rezooming pie includes your desire and determination to rejoin the legal ranks.  Waffling is to be expected. Self-sabotage cannot be tolerated.  See yourself in the role you want to have, then move your feet.  How much relevant action you take to follow your rezooming road is totally up to the self-determination you muster

Second: Family Dynamic

Even in the best-case scenario families can throw monkey wrenches into the best efforts of the Rezoomer.  Sick kids, a husband relying on you to do XY&Z, your prior commitments to school or elderly parents all play into the family dynamic.  They can be overcome if, in step one, Self determination, you put your rezooming plans and roadmap out there for everyone to see, respect and not hide it away from your family.  Family responsibilities will eat a wishy- washy rezoomer for lunch.  The book I recommended in last month’s post, Win From Within bu Erica Fox, clearly defines the pity party you will be throwing when you allow your family to step in the way of your dream.  Guilt and duty to the family never helped any rezoomer rezoom, Communication involving alternative choices for you, as the parent/wife/ caregiver, as you pursue the role of a rezoomer is key.  If you ask for help thinking of alternatives you will be amazed how many will be brought into play through family brainstorming.

Third: Outward-bound

You need to gird your loins for networking and niche events that speak to the parties needing your help.  This is not to say speed date your way through 17 people at an networking event.  Focus on a few people who intuitively click for you and make meaningful connections.  Remember something about your conversation, the color of their glasses, a pin or the part of the discussion that was about them, so you can bring it up in your follow up email.

I was the subject of a great post by Kelly Hoey, currently the Co-Founder and Managing Director of WIM-Women Innovate Mobile, when I wrote her a follow up email and listed 3 things that helped her remember exactly who I was in the sea of people.  I also talked about something personal she shared at the event that only someone who had had the conversation and attended the conference would know.  As a result, Kelly made me the subject of a post to thousands of women, listing my name and business right in the article.

This is connectivity which cannot be bought.  It is authentic, has integrity and exudes the fact you are a valuable person to get to know.  Outward bound means making meaningful connections.  You can do it. You know where you need to go. If you don’t, Google events and get moving!!  Get on the Internet and look for groups who need your service and go to their conferences or offer to speak for free about what you do that will help them!.  Getting hired is one thing; getting clients is a whole other ball of wax.  Being outward-bound means finding the niche, the clients for the niche and making yourself top of mind for something they really need.

Fourth: Believe

This is the most important piece.  If you believe you can rezoom you will.

You will meet people who will move you forward because you will ask in a way they can relate to and understand.  Ask the right question and you receive the right answer.

I asked a speaker at a mediation conference if he knew anyone at the Ohio State Vet school.  He said, “no, but my wife does.”  You have to ask and then believe and you will receive.

It is all in the confidence in have in yourself.  It is contagious to those who want to help

Fifth: Receive. You have to be willing to receive all the connections to the people you need to meet to rezoom.  Write that short follow up email listing the one or two things that will spur their memory.  Ask them to coffee or virtual coffee via Skype.  The only way you will realize the future of rezooming is if you allow yourself to receive all the opportunities you have cultivated.  Do not let a connection slip away.  If you feel you have, then write again,  apologize and see it they will reconnect.

I wrote to three people last week who I let fall of my grid for far too long.

I apologized for my lack of connectivity and asked how they were doing.  I then asked if they would like to grab a coffee, in person or via Skype, next week including 3 days and times for them to choose from. Allowing myself to receive is part of rezooming. You need to accept all the help offered and all the connections made with integrity and honest interest in what that person is doing and how they are.

These are the 5 Foolproof Methods to Rezoom most effectively.  Take them to heart for 2014.  They will assist in propelling your rezooming practice into a thriving entity of your own choosing.

Happy New Year!

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