Faculty Announcement – Kevin Camden

Kevin P. Camden will teach the course “Labor Law” at Solo Practice University®.

Kevin is currently employed with Teamsters Local 700 in Chicago, representing over 11,000 public sector employees.

Kevin’s practice includes day-to-day responsibility for the Cook County Corrections bargaining unit, composed of 3,200 correctional officers. In that capacity, he bargains the contract, handles grievances and arbitrations, unfair labor practice charges and other matters arising in the largest single-site jail in the country.

Kevin also represents police officers, court deputies and firefighters, as well as public works employees and government clerks in and around the Chicago area. Additionally, in his practice with the Teamsters, Kevin works with the Illinois State Police master sergeant bargaining unit.

Prior to becoming an in-house attorney with the Teamsters, Kevin was a successful solo practitioner representing private employers in labor and employment matters (which led to this offer he just couldn’t refuse). His solo practice also included representing landlords, property developers and homeowners associations.

Kevin has litigated cases on behalf of management during his career as well, including boards of education, governmental units and municipalities. He has litigated in excess of 200 grievances, scores of unfair labor practice cases before the Illinois Labor Relations Board, as well as routinely appearing in court.

Graduating from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Kevin worked for several law firms as a clerk. An honors graduate of Northern Illinois University, Kevin has a BA in Economics.

Kevin also teaches for Northwestern University Center for Public Safety on labor relations, discipline and discharge and federal statutory regulation as it affects law enforcement, as well as economics classes for Benedictine University’s online executive MBA program.

In addition to raising three children under the age of 10 with his wife, Kevin is involved in Boy Scouts as an adult leader, serves as the National President of the Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda, and volunteers with his church. You can follow him on Twitter @kcamdenesq

Syllabus – Labor Law

Governing law

  • Federal-National Labor Relations Act
  • State specific
  • Organizing: who what when where/how
  • Party conduct

Elections to be union

  • Under the NLRB
  • Employer anti-union campaigns allowed
  • Under state law
  • Certification as representative

Bargaining the contract

  • What do you have?
  • What do you want?
  • Comparisons
  • Impasse

Maintaining the contract

  • General labor relations
  • Unfair labor practice charges


  • Dispute arising under the contract
  • Who carries the burden
  • Procedural nuances
  • Don’t lawyer it up!

Labor relations generally

  • Federal statues
  • State statutes
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