Solo Practice University Turns 3!

It’s the offical first day of Spring, 2012! Three years ago today on the first day of Spring 2009 Solo Practice University® opened it’s virtual doors.  Since then we have helped almost 1,000 enrollees create and grow their own solo/small firm practices.

Visually, as we’ve grown we’ve gone through many incarnations.  Yet our mission has been unwavering: to cost-effectively provide education, mentorship, and networking opportunities for new (and not so new) lawyers, three of the greatest challenges for those who wish to go solo/small firm. 

Solo Practice University’s modest tuition pays for running the platform and now pays for our faculty to teach their great courses. Paying faculty for their investment of time and experience has been an important goal of ours since day one.  And it is a goal we are thrilled to finally achieve. But most importantly, for those who have used Solo Practice University to its fullest, and based upon your feedback, the education and opportunities provided have proven priceless. For those who are thinking of going solo, we hope to meet you soon ‘on the inside’.

So, as we share our special milestone, thank you everyone for helping us to to get here and continue to grow into the future!

Enjoy a visual trip down our memory lane.

Holding Page Before Launch

January 2010

June 2010

June 2010 (logged in)

January 2011

Right Now

The Future?

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One comment on “Solo Practice University Turns 3!

  • Let me be the first to congratulate the visionary who put the “Solo Practice of Law” tools all in one place. Brilliant.
    We all wished for it, yet none of us took on the monumental task of creating it.
    Thank you Susan for providing everyone with the information you were seeking when you decided to start your own Solo Practice. Sharing your information then, by creating this wonderful venue for Solo practitioners, has made all of our lives so much better.
    Happy Day!

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