Social Media Skill Adds Value in Job Search…And Solo Practice

Social Media Attorney Job Opportunity! Our DC office is working on a search for a Social Media/Patent Attorney – 2+ yrs patent prosecution experience + social media experience required – message me for details

Appropriately so, this ad was posted on Facebook by legal recruiter extraordinaire, Amanda Ellis. Amanda encourages law students and all lawyers to utilize social media in their job search and has written THE book on how to do it.

The reason this very recent job advertisement caught my eye is she is always on top of recruitment trends and if she is posting a job that requires social media skills in addition to legal skills you know this is soon going to be a standard requirement.

Right now, however, it is an added-value skill which separates you from the pack and allows you to distinguish yourself and bring something new to the party if those who are hiring are recognizing it’s value but don’t necessarily want to do it themselves. It also allows you to be a mentor to your mentors which helps to bridge the generational gap in the workplace.

How does this tie into solo practice? Well, if you had any doubt that you need to get involved with social media on a professional level, this should put all your doubts to rest.

If you are in law school start using your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with your future professional life in mind. Start following lawyers in areas of interest. Like their Law firms’ professional page.

It’s okay to practice the ‘lurk and learn’ method of social media. If you have something of interest to share, share it. It’s about responsible baby steps. But I’m going to defer to Amanda’s book and recommend you buy it because it is a great primer on what to do and how to do it…the right way.

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